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How Do I Remove Books From My Ipad

HELP… Ipad keeps deleting my books and music after restore…

Hi,After updating ibook, I chose Sync hoping to get books sync in my new laptop. The reason I did so was that my old laptop had a different name for the apple ipad account from my current one. After that, I lost all my books and musics, and Ipad loaded some random books from my laptop but not ones I needed. Continue reading How Do I Remove Books From My Ipad

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How Much Are Marvel Comic Books Worth

How much are these old marvel comic books worth.

I have 1 “giant sized annual” X-men issue number 9, 1985.I have web of spiderman issues #1, and 6.I have the uncanny X-men issue #11 1987.The all new x-men issue number 10.And fantastic four vs X-men issue numbers 1, 2 and 3 I might have 4 I also have Heroes of hope starring the X-men issue 1. Continue reading How Much Are Marvel Comic Books Worth

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How To Upload Books To Google Play

Can I Transfer a Book From a Samsung Galaxy S3 to a Kindle Fire HD.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Kindle Fire HD. I bought The Hunger Games on my Android/Samsung Galaxy S3… can I transfer The Hunger games from my Samsung to my Kindle Fire HD? Is that possible at all?

how did you buy it on your Galaxy S III? Continue reading How To Upload Books To Google Play

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How Are Books Published

How much is it to get a book published.

Not that I am planning to, I am just curious how much it would be.

Hello,To go through a publishing company, it is free. The company will pay for the costs of publishing, and then when the book is published, the company will take a certain percentage of the income in order to make a profit, and then the author will take the leftovers (also to make a profit, though it is mostly a small amount). Continue reading How Are Books Published

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How To Download Books On Audible

how long does it take for a audible book to appear on a kindle.

i download a audible book from and i has not yet appeared on my kindle i did all the steps

Make sure your kindle wireless option is turned on.

How do I listen to Librivox books on my Kindle 3.

Just got a Kindle 3 for my birthday and am wondering how I can listen to librivox books on it. I have Audiobooks on my droid and like to listen to them on the kindle if its possible. Thanks!!

1. Either re-download the .mp3 files from LibriVox to your computer or copy them from your Droid to your computer.2. Connect your Kindle to your computer and put the mp3 files in the Audible directory of your Kindle (or in a sub-directory of the Audible directory). Each mp3 file (regardless of whether it’s in Audible directory or in one of Audible’s sub-directories) will show up as a book on the main page (and is indicated as an audiobook by a speaker icon).Any .mp3 file in the Audible sub-directory is interpreted as an audio book by the Kindle Reader.Hope that helps!

Pregnancy books free

How can you get audio books on to a kindle.

I have been told you can get audio books on to the amazon kindles but nobody I know can explain simply how to get them on there or a simple way download them, any ideas? thanks (:

The only way to download them directly to the Kindle is if you get them from To sideload .MP3 files to it, connect it via USB then drag and drop audiobook files to the Audible folder, music files to the Music folder. Don’t forget to safely eject before disconnecting.

How do I download 1 FREE AUDIOBOOK.

I got a paper with my purchase saying download one free www.audiobook form I went on the site mad an account chose a book and now i have no idea how to get it FREE?! Please help.Thanks in advance! 😀

You need to download the software first, you can download the software at this page its downloaded and installed goto “Your Library” and click download on the audiobook.

Putting books on to your ipod.

How can I put a book on to my ipod?? I looked everywhere but can’t find it, please helpThanks in advance

Well, you have a few choices.First: Download an audiobook onto your computer ( is a good site, otherwise straight off itunes) and then put it on your ipod.Second: Type the book out onto ‘Notepad’ or whatever your computer uses. (This requires multiple ones, as the ipod can only read so much off one document)

How do you download a book from audible.

i want to try for books but im not sure how the books would get to my ipod Touch. do i just plug my ipod in? please help!

hey, when you install the “audible manager” on your computer it will detect your portable devices (if connected) and you’ll see an export option. it is important to use the audible manager cause the files are always aax,aac, or similar. so they are drm protected and you need the app to run it. if you want to get them in mp3 format you need a drm converter such as – otherwise you need to use their app to play them.

how do I download audible books to my laptop.

Every time I click download it tells me to choose a source to listen to it through but each one I choose it says it can’t play it. I don’t know what to do

First you need to download and install the software, which is at you be playing it through iTunes and/or an iPod or iPhone, or just listening on your computer, or playing it on a generic mp3 player? I find that iTunes is the best software for organizing audiobooks, so I download everything to it. In that case you need to authorize iTunes to use your Audible account, which you’ll find under the Store menu.If you’ve made it this far and the files aren’t downloading properly, is there a specific error message? What’s the exact text of that message?Also, have you tried contacting Audible? I’ve found their tech support and customer support are very fast and very helpful.

How to download free audible book with link.

I was watching Blair Fowler (a you tuber) on youtube and she was talking about the app, Audible. She said to use a link to get a free audible book ( I tried to use it…(never used Audible before) and I don’t know how to!

You get a free audiobook when you sign up for an account. Go to and then select a book. Click on the button that says Free With 30-Day Trial Membership. Follow the prompts – you can use your Amazon account to create the audible account, since Audible is a division of Amazon, or you can create a new account for Audible only. If you’re not using your Amazon account then you’ll need to enter billing info and a credit card number for the account creation. If you don’t cancel the membership within 30 days then the monthly membership fee will be charged to that credit card.They have contact info and their FAQ at

how can i put audio books on nook color.

need info on how to download these books

The Barnes and Noble database doesn’t have access to audiobooks right now, but you can still get audio books on your nook by downloading them from and then side-loading them to your nook.

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How Many Books Did Cs Lewis Wrote

Do you know the story of C.S. Lewis.

His mother was dying of some horrible disease (I believe cancer) and he prayed every single night for God to heal her. But she did die, and after she died, his father withdrew into his own little world and didn’t take very good care of him.Lewis couldn’t figure out why “God” would allow such a horrible thing to. Continue reading How Many Books Did Cs Lewis Wrote

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How To Sell Books On Barnes And Noble Marketplace

are there any books publish that teach how to properly ride a speed bicycle.

I am looking for published books that teach one how to properly ride a speed bicycle.If there are none out there, I have always had the idea,knowledge,and experience to write such a helpful book. If there is one of this nature ,please inform me. Continue reading How To Sell Books On Barnes And Noble Marketplace