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How Many Books Can You Read In A Lifetime

I wanna know how a woman thinks n d ways to woo her, should i read books if yes then suggest me some.

There are two books you can try (read on).The first thing you have to realize is that women are NOT wired the same as men and no matter what you THINK they’re thinking, they’ll change their mind.John Gray provides many examples of this variant way of thinking in his book MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS.Rodale Press came out with a thick book a few years ago titled A LIFETIME OF SEX, specifically for men a guide to help them chart the perilous journey of meeting and mating. Among its chapters are ways to meet women and some attempts at understanding the female psyche. Again, the authors advise the reader to show restraint and rein in your language.Don’t monopolize the conversation.Let her talk. Women appreciate men who know how to listen.Seriously!If you can honestly listen to her without your eyes glazing over once, you’ll score big points.Of course, be yourself. Don’t lie (even little white ones). You will be caught out. Women are extremely adept at “reading” other people, men are terrible at it. A woman will know if you’re lying or hedging or unsure of yourself. And she can smell desperation a mile off.A woman wants to know that a guy can be trusted and that he’s not a jerk. No one wants to waste their time on an asshole (figuratively, if not literally :).If you are lucky enough to find a woman who shows interest in you DON’T talk about sex or past girlfriends. Find a neutral subject like current movies or ask her what her interests are, like what she does for fun.Write on a card you can hold in a pocket or even write it on your sleeve if you have to just so you remember NOT to talk about your old girlfriends. Girls don’t care to hear about who you’ve gone out with before. If they want to know they’ll ask.Don’t sound cocky because you’ll sound like an *** and the woman will know it.Even if you think a woman is the most beautiful one in the place, refrain from telling her that. If she IS really beautiful she’s heard it before. Tell her something that at least sounds more authentic, like what attracted you to her was her eyes or the way her hair looks in the light. Women often spend a lot of time on their hair and like to be complimented on it.If you’re lucky enough to have overheard her say something interesting or clever, use that as a way of introducing yourself, by telling her you agree with what she said or that you were thinking the same thing.Most important, and I can’t stress it enough, do NOT talk about other women!!

How many books do you think you’ve read.

In your lifetime.If you like, share your fave!!

Free vampire books

How many books has Sarah Palin read in her lifetime.

This would be laughable if it wasn’t so disgusting. So, let’s recap”2009″………what a year!1. The American people inaugurate a half-Arab president witha total of 142 days experience as a US Senator from the mostpolitically corrupt state (city) in America whose governors havebeen ousted from office. The President’s first official act is toorder the close of Gitmo and make sure terrorists civil rights arenot violated. (honest mistake?)2. The U.S. Congress rushes to confirm a black Attorney General,Eric Holder, whose law firm we later find out represents seventeenGitmo terrorists. (An honest mistake?!)3. The CIA Boss appointee, Leon Panetta, has absolutely noexperience and has a daughter Linda, who we find out is a true radicalanti-American activist and a supporter of all the Anti-American regimesin the western hemisphere. (There were socio-economic factors involved!)4. We got the second most corrupt American woman (Pelosi is #1) asSecretary of State; bought and paid for. (You can put lipstick on a pig,but it still stinks!)5. We got a Tax cheat for Treasury Secretary who did not properlyfile his own taxes for 12 years. (He misspoke!)6. A Commerce Secretary nominee who withdrew due to corruptioncharges. (Another honest mistake???)7. A Tax cheat nominee for Chief Performance Officer who withdrewunder charges. (Hmmm… Another screw-up?)8. A Labor Secretary nominee who withdrew under charges ofunethical conduct. (Ok, maybe this person was just plain stupid.)9. A Secretary HHS nominee (Daschle) who withdrew under charges ofcheating on his taxes. (I’m running out of excuses for these idiots!!)10. Multiple appointments of former lobbyists after an absolute campaignstatement that no lobbyists would be appointed. (Dear God, I am getting aheadache!)All this occurred just during the first three weeks. . . But who’s counting?America is being run by the modern-day Three Stooges ; Barry,Nancy and Harry,and they are still trying to define stimulus…it’s “spending!!!” The congress passes the $800,000,000,000 (that’s $800 billion) pork-loaded spending bill where the government gives you a smidgen of your tax dollars ($13 per week), making you feel so good about yourself [stimulated], that you want to run out to Wal-Mart and buy a new Chinese-made HDTV and go home and watch Telemundo!Pray for our country.Here’s the good news though – Obama took Air Force One to Denver tosign the stimulus package, wasting as much as 10,000 gallons of fuel OR24 JOBS FOR ONE YEAR!! Don’t you just love hypocrites?Obama went to the International Olympic Committee to have them chooseChicago for a host city, he failed.Obama went to Copenhagen to lecture them on global warming, he failed.Obama went to new Jersey to promote the Democratic candidate forgovernor, he failed.Obama went to Virginia to promote the Democratic candidate forgovernor, he failed.Obama went to Massachusetts to promote the Democratic candidate forsenator, he failed.Speaking of praying, Obama has now been president for a full yearand yet he & wife (first lady) Michelle, the Christian family theyclaim to be, have not attended church since the inauguration.Obama is the 1st president in history who did not attend any Christmasreligious observance. He must miss Reverend Wright!And finally, he is the 1st president to remain on vacation after aterrorist attack.In these times I’ll keep my God, my freedom, my gun and my money.

What are the books that are must reads in your lifetime.

I am 16 and I love to read. I want to buy some classics, or books that everyone must read or they will be missing out. What are some books that are must reads in your lifetime? Thanks! =]

Illusions by Richard Bach.Jonathan Livingston Seagull by RIchard Bach.Any book by Erma Bombeck.Stephen King’s Salem’s LotAll Shakespeare’s plays.Read the Bible, but take it with a grain of salt and enjoy it as fiction.Read Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, but take it with a grain of salt and enjoy it as fiction.There are so many others… Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe, so many…My advice, read EVERYTHING. Read fiction, from serious fiction to trash fiction, and every genre. Read nonfiction. Read biographies. Read self-help. Read whatever you can get your hands on.As time has gone on, I’ve found, the more variety I read, the more I enjoy my reading.Finally, I’ve been recommending “The Red Tent” by Anita Diament to everyone, because that’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.There’s another book I’ll suggest, but not for a few years. That’s how long I expect to take finishing writing and getting it published. I’m working on the 2nd draft now. I’ve been working on it since 2005. I hope to post a few chapters soon.

The longest you have read.

I just finished the quickie by James Patterson very addictive by the way andits like the longest ive read in my lifetime i finished it by 67 chapters but the pages were kinda blank and half filled but still lol whats the longest you have ever read? how many chapters?and whats a good book you can recommend for me?

The longest book I have ever read is The Land Of Painted Caves, it is the 5th book in The Clan Of The Cave Bear series and it is the biggest book I have ever read! I dont have it with me, so I cant tell you the number of chapters. The other four books in the series are also enormous.Good Books:Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater13 To Life by Shannon DelanyThe Hunger Games by Suzanne CollinsWicked Lovely by Melissa MarrGraceling by Kristen CashoreFallen by Lauren KateThe Sight by David Clement DaviesThe Dark Divine by Bree Despain13 Reasons Why by Jay AsherSpeak by Laurie Halse AndersonShatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

How many books do you read a year.

really in my lifetime i have never been a reader. this year i have read 0 books. but i went to the library today and checked out a lot of informational books because i want to be smart. (not saying im stupid right now but im just normal i guess)how many books do you read a year? are they just for fun or are…

I’m not quite sure what good any of the answers here will do you, including mineI’ve read from several to a several dozen books a year, including audiobooks that I listen to instead of reading them. Most of what I read is fiction but I can’t give you an exact percentage.I also read several magazines a month such as “Natural History” “Smithsonian” & “Scientific American” which I think you would label “informational”I’m going to suggest a bunch of books for you to read, obviously not all of ’em but if you even read 1 or 2 maybe you’ll be interested in reading more. I’ll suggest mostly “informational” (ie non-fiction) booksBIOGRAPHY:”John Adams” by David McCullough”American Caesar” by Wm Manchester (“AC” = Gen Douglas MacArthur)”Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow”Benjamin Franklin” by Walter Isaacson”His Excellency George Washington” by J J Ellis”Memoirs of Ulysses S Grant” by you-know-who & Mark Twain”Thomas Jefferson” by Willard S. Randall”The Autobiography of Malcolm X” by you-know-who & Alex Haley”Lives of the Noble Greeks & Romans” by PlutarchHISTORY:”A Peoples History of the US 1492-Present” by Howard Zinn”Lies My Teacher Taught Me” by James K Loewn”Eyewitness to History” edited by John Carey”Legends Lies & Cherished Myths of World History” by Richard ShenkmanSCIENCE:”The End of Science” by Robert Horgan”Science Matters” by R. M. Hazen & James Trefil”Dinosaur in a Haystack” by Stephen Jay Gould”A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking”The Principle of Relativity” by Albert Einstein”Voyage of the Beagle” by Charles Darwin – quite entertaining, not dry or boring at allSHORT STORIESby O Henry, Mark Twain, Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Louis Stevenson, Jack LondonBookmark my sources for way more ideasAlways read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of itP J O’ROURKE

How many books can you read at a time.

I can read 7 or 8….

I’m 18 and I’ve never completed one book since then.I don’t like reading books.I’ve never read a book in my entire lifetime.

How many books have you read in your whole lifetime.

If you’re extremely patient (and well read), then you can list them for me, as well.What I mean by books that you have read is books that you have read in their entirety- from cover to cover (not including superfluous information, like publish dates, copyrights, and tables of contents). I just mean the…

Oh wow, it’s gotta be in the thousands by now. I couldn’t possibly list them all. Mostly science fiction anthologies and novels. And that doesn’t count the books I was assigned to read in high school and college.I’m 38, and the greatest gift my parents ever gave me was the love of and respect for literature.

How many books have you read in your whole lifetime.

If you’re extremely patient (and well read), then you can list them for me, as well.What I mean by books that you have read is books that you have read in their entirety- from cover to cover (not including superfluous information, like publish dates, copyrights, and tables of contents). I just mean the…

They are waaaaay too many!!!I love reading books!Here’s a list:1)Bram Stoker’s ”Dracula”2)Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt’s ”Dracula,the undead”3)Tolkien’s ”The hobbit”, ”Silmarillion”, ”The Lord of the rings trilogy”4)Edgar Allan Poe-at least all of his poems and nouvelles5)H.P.Lovecraft ”The tomb”6)Neil Gaiman ”Sandman”7)Anne’s Rice-the Vampire Chronicles8)Dante Allighieri’s ”Inferno”9)Gavin Baddeley and Dani Filth’s ”The Gospel of filth”10)Paulo Coelho-at least 8 books of him11)Lynn Sholes ”The grail conspiracy”,”Last secret”,”The 731 legacy”,”The Hades project”12)Lord Dunsany’s ”The king of elfland’s daughter”13)Goethe’s ”Faust”14)Charles Baudellaire’s ”Fleurs du mal”15)George McDonald’s ”Lilith”16)J.SLe Fanu ”Carmilla”and the list could go ooooon and ooooon!!!:-)I’m in my early twenti’es

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  1. I’m an English major, so I have to read about 15-20 books a year minimum for classes (mostly fiction). Of those, I actually read maybe 12. What was unexpected for me was just how much all that reading would make me not want to read a lot of the time. As such, I have spurts where I read a lot, and then months of basically no leisure reading. In total, probably 20-25 books a year is safe (if you include books for classes, of course)

  2. Time spent studying – 3 hoursCharlie St Cloud- Ben SherwoodRecently an ENglishman published a book “1001Books you must read Before you Die.” Google the title and you will pull up reviews and crticisms with unlistd books recommended and many books on the list criticised.5000

  3.…I am number 4 (reading) Pittacus LoreThe rest of the Tomorrow series (books 4-7)17-Sleeping Murder (Agatha Christie)Clinical Kinesiology and Anatomy by Lynn S LippertBy the way, all those on my list are GREAT recommendations to read, probably except from the “Cronichles of Narnia” ones, but the rest are GREAT!!!! (I specially recommend Go Ask Alice. You should check it out!!!)

  4. Matilda- Roald Dahl

  5. I don’t remember, but I can tell you the books I’ve read in the last year. I’m 33 yrs old, studying to be a literature teacher at a secondary school level.-Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte4-Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (JK Rowling)Evelyn Waugh- THe Loved Ones, Scoop, Put up More Flagsand many more.The Notebook- Nicholas SparksI don’t read all that much normally, so I don’t have any recommendations at the moment.

  6. GO East, Young man by Justice Wm O. Douglas is fantastic.10-Beyond the Western Sea 2: Lord Kirkle’s Money (Avi)9-Beyond the Western Sea 1: The Escape From Home (Avi)Go Girl books (about 35… I know I loved them when I was younger)- various authorsClockwork angel- Cassandra ClareVampire academy- Richelle Mead (5)

  7. Probably The Lord of the Rings or The Wheel of Time. Both are mammoth complex books and very good if you like something worthwhile to read although Robert Jordan (deceased author of WOT) does copy Tolkien from time to time. Also, oddly enough one of the longest things I have read that is probably longer than some series is a Harry Potter fanfiction called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong. It’s 179 chapters long and each chapter is like a freaking 20 pages or something, not the first ones though.I finished the book in about…i think it was four and a half days! I would read for about two hours at a time, i remember, set it down, walk around a bit trying to keep my mind off of it, and then would simply have to return. So in spurts of hours and hours, with small breaks for food, for writing and sleep, of course, I read that book in about four and a half days. I don’t know for sure the longest span i actually spent reading nonstop, but i know it was more than two hours, and it almost physically hurt to read that much so fast. But it was worth it! Haha! Personally I’m glad not all books are like that, but it was quite the experience!The rest of the Series of Unfortunate events (books 3-13)Seven Habits of Highly Effective PeopleIm not sure if its the longest book ive read but The Host (the same author as the Twilight series) is a super good, thick book. Its got 619 pages and 59 chapters not including the epilogue. The Eragon books are also good thick ones to read. The Golden Compass books sound good; my sister is reading them and is really liking it.

  8. Probably over 400. (Age14) I am kinda a fanatic. My favorite is S by Doug Dorst and JJ Ambrams

  9. These are some really good books that I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed:They’re all novels and are just for fun. I very rarely read non-fiction.

  10. I’ve read over a book a day since I was about 8, sometimes reading more than one, sometimes up to four. If I plug in the minimum one a day for a year, that’s 365 books a year multiplied by 36 years (I’m 44) so I’ve at the very least read 13,340 books. It’s more than that but I’ll stick with that number just to average things out.

  11. Another book by Roald Dahl (forgot the name)About 4, I like reading

  12. 5-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (JK Rowling)1-Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (JK Rowling)I am 25. I have read upwards of 900 books. I do not have an exact number. I wish I could name them all I can name the books I have read this year:Hope you enjoy!I know it seems impossible but i’ve been sick a couple years and i’ve read at least 300 in a year.

  13. -Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter15-Cujo (Stephen King)The hobbit- JRR Tolkien (1)The only book was See Dick and Jane. She thought it was porn story.

  14. During The Summer Holidays (I Live In England So I Am On A 6 Week Break From School) I Read About 15 Books, Give Or Take A Few. I Have To Read At Least 3 During Each School Term (There’s Two Of These) And I Tend To Read About 20 Per Year Just For Leisure.When I was younger, I had a bookshelf that contained about 1000 books. The rows were doubled up on the shelves with a row behind the visible row, and books stacked on those and shoved anywhere they’d fit. I’d read every single book on that bookshelf by the time I was 13. Since then, I’ve remained an avid reader. My guess would be around 5,000 books in my lifetime. It may be more, but that’s a fair estimate. I’m 23 now.

  15. Crime and Punishment is probably one of the longer ones. It’s entertaining. I know of a book series that is pretty good. It’s called the Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan which is like Lord of the Rings but longer (16 books in the series). This link will tell you about the first book:*s are the ones I really REALLY recommend for anyone to read, and the ones with five *s are the best books I’ve ever read in my life!!!!

  16. At a time? 3 is the max..

  17. The Septimus Heap Series- Angie sage (5)But start with the ENglishman’s list mentioned above. And skip the Bible unless you can find an annotated historical verson of it.My Pet Goat.

  18. Anyway… those that I remember are 18!!, but I’ve read like… 50 in my whole lifetime (I’m 17 years old).-Discworld series by Terry Pratchet*****Under the Dome, by Stephen King. It’s not my favorite book ever, but it was a great read, and NEVER have I encountered a book that is equally so massive and yet so…so…ADDICTING! It starts off fast, and ends that way, too. Pedal to the medal from page 1 to 1073, i think it was. My god!THe Hunger Games- Suzanne Collins (3)If you liked “The Quickie,” by Patterson, I don’t know what to recommend you because my preferred books are far different. They’re mature, that’s for sure, but not in that way, haha! but here’s just a few!In my Junior year in high school I read 75 books during the school year.its about a 5 or 6 people always say to me your crazy i could never keep that many straight.

  19. Perfect Chemistry- Simone ElkelesGood Luck with finding a good book!

  20. The Lost Hero- Rick Riorden (1)Time spent with family – 3 hoursThe Mortal Instruments- Cassandra Clare (3)Weekends are better, but that leaves me no more than 2 hours for reading on a Saturday or Sunday.

  21. An Inconvenient Truth by Al GoreThey’re quite a few but not too much. I could probably name them all if I try.2 is my limit

  22. Get Thurber, S.J.Perelman and Robert Benchley.The Royal Histories of the incas by El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega is amazing to read- but hard to find in English.Two at the most,

  23. 2-Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (JK Rowling)Grapes of Wrath. ( All of John Steinbeck’s books.)A thousand splendid suns- Khaled HosseiniThe Hunchback of Notre Dame is a really cool book too!

  24. -Hawksong(series) by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes(any book by her)Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights Jane Austen: delight and Prejudice, experience and Sensibility, Emma, Persuasion, and Mansfield Park Leo Tolstoy: Anna Karenina Margaret Mitchell: long gone With the Wind Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Scarlet Letter Willa Cather: My Antonia Robert Louis Stevenson: Treasure Island, abducted, The unusual Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Charles Dickens: Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, A tale of two cities, and great expectancies Alexander Dumas: the three Musketeers and The count form of Monte Cristo Daniel Defoe: Robinson Crusoe Marjorie ok. Rawlings: The Yearling Jack London: the call of the Wild and White Fang John Steinbeck: Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, Cannery Row, Of Mice and adult men Ernest Hemingway: The previous guy and the sea

  25. Between the ages of 15 and 19 I read about a book a week per pleasure plus at least three books a week for high school inc. holidays, so (5 x 52 = 260) +(5 x 52 x 3 =780) = 1,040

  26. The Last Lecture

  27. Time spent in traffic – 0.5 hours13-Go ask Alice (Anonymous)The last Chronicles of Narnia book (The last battle)20 + 15 + 3 + 3 = 41The Twilight Saga- Stephenie Meyer (4. Read it twice meaning 8)

  28. Crime and Punishment , War and Peace , The Trial , The Republic , History of the Peloponnesian War , The Holy Bible , Ubiq , The Night Land , With the Old Breed , Goodbye , Mr. Chips ,’s no way I could list how many books I’ve read. There are thousands. Since 2006 I’ve read 891 books (I record them on and that’s when I started counting), so I’ve probably read around 4000 since there were a few years when I didn’t know how to read. I’m 24.

  29. …are you trying to win some kind of contest…?

  30. You won’t find the answer in a book, why don’t you just talk to her, Ask her? Only she can tell you how she feels.

  31. Molecular Biology of the Cell by Bruce Alberts ( I think)Avoid the Potter books, or at least limit yourself to just the first one.I read mostly history or literature. I cannot go through the entire list but the most recent books include “Miracle in the Andes” [currently reading], “A Little Girl is Dead” (about the hanging of Leo Frank), “The Lazarus Syndrome” by Louis Gossett Jr. (about apparent death/premature burial), ” Curses! Broiled Again!: The Hottest Urban Legends Going) by Jan Harold Brunvand, “Buried Alive: The Terrifying History of Our Most Primal Fear ” by Jan Bondeson, “Our Town: A Heartland Lynching, a Haunted Town, and the Hidden History of White America ” by Cynthia Carr, ” Cotton” by Christopher Wilson…the list goes on.

  32. -Battle Royale by Roushun Takami*****A series of unfortunate events books 1&2 (Lemony Snicket)One last thing. The Cartoon History of the Universe (in 3 volumes) by Larry Gonnick. Maybe you should start with this before tackling much else. AT the least it will make world history at the college feshman level easy to learn.16-Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie)So about 41 books per year! 🙂 x

  33. The Chronicles of Narnia books 1-6 (C.S Lewis)To be reality finished i might could desire to declare around one thousand… to a pair that’s plenty thinking i’m in elementary terms 20 yet I incredibly have constantly enjoyed books. I incredibly tend to study something that looks exciting from sci-fi to romance to secret or perhaps some teen books like the Uglies-Pretties-Specials series.. i will frequently study a e book in 2 or 3 hours and while i hit upon one i like i don’t desire to place it down. I undergo in concepts as quickly as I went to a e book save (can not undergo in concepts the call) and that i asked approximately new vampire/paranormal books and all that they reported I already had study. As for itemizing them properly here is a few all of Laurell ok Hamilton Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kim Harrison, each Goosebumps i will locate, Mary Janice Davidson, Christine Feehan, Maggie Shayne James Patterson ( nonetheless i haven’t study the girls human beings’s secret club.. yet) and way too many others to call.

  34. The Gazebo by Emily Grayson.6-Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (JK Rowling)Cheers!

  35. SOmetimes a Great Notion and One Flew over the Cuckoes Nest, both by Ken Kesey.Time spent working – 9 hoursThat’s all I remember. I know half of them are children books but I loved reading them from grades 1-4. I am only 12 and I just got the hang of reading “real” books. In total of the already read books my calculator got 175. By January I think I might be able to reach the 200 mark from all the books I own but haven’t read. I know I haven’t read much yet and there is probably a lot more better books out there but then again I am only young. I think that’s about everything you asked for!

  36. Between the ages of 12 and 14, I read about a book a day for pleasure plus at least two books a week for middle school inc. holidays, so (3 x 365 = 1,095) + (3 x 52 x 2 = + 312) = 1,047I usually get through about three books every two weeks, sometimes more, as I read on the bus on my journey to and from work. So, about 80 a year (I think…)Nabokov definitely. Pnin, Lolita (a peculiar combination of light porn and a true love story), and Pale FIre are all amazing.:0)

  37. I have no idea chapter wise, how long I’ve read. I don’t really pay attention to the number of chapters. A lot of times I just read the entire book in a sitting. Time wise, I’m not sure, but if I had to guess I’d say maybe around seven hours straight.

  38. Ok I think thats enough. It is not complete but I dont have time to type everything out. Sorry!

  39. **** For interests sake: the person who did 891 since 2006 would be at 4 books every week. (I’m using you becasue your figure seems most accurate)Well, I read 4 books last weekend…. I’m 30 and have been reading very heavily since 5th-6th grade so… I’d say around 3500+. Some were shorter than others. And some I read 2-3 in a day, but skip a few days inbetween. I’d say average 3-5 books a week.

  40. Candy Apple books (about15-20) Various authors11-Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew (CS Lewis)This is what my average day has looked like since I started reading (the last 7 years):

  41. Well I’m no James Patterson fan…so i won’t comment on that other than what I just said, haha! But that’s great it hooked you so much!over 100

  42. -The Princess Bride by William Goldman*The Key to Rondo- Emily RoddaThe Fallen series- Kate Lauren (2)Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice14-Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen)Almost anything by Arther C, Clark, or Isaac asimov.”Wings of a Dove”–Henry James, “Age of Innocence” Edith Wharton, “The Sun Also Rises”–Ernest Hemmingway, “The City of Ember”–Jeanne DuPrau, “The People of Sparks”–DuPrau, “The Crying of Lot 49”–Thomas Pynchon, “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas”–James Patterson, “Sam’s Letters to Jennifer”–Patterson, “Monster”– Walter Dean Myers, “Maniac Magee”–Jerry Spinelli, “Izzy Willy Nilly”–Cynthia Voight, “Cut”–Patricia McCormick, “Night”–Elie Wiesel, “The Chocolate War”–Robert Cormier, “I Am The Cheese”–Cormier, “The Giver”–Lois Lowry, “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” (all three books)–Ann Brashares, “The F**k Up”–Arthur Nersesian, “Thwonk”–Joan Bauer, “A School for Sorcery”–E. Rose Sabin, “A Perilous Power”–Sabin, “The Bone Setters Daughter”–Amy Tan, “Touching Spirit Bear”–Ben Mikaelsen, “Slaughterhouse Five”–Kurt Vonnegut, The Sweep Series by Cate Tiernan (14 books), “Seeing Emily”–Joyce Lee Wong. and various short short stories from the book “Sudden Fiction International” Editors Robert Shapard and James Thomas.

  43. 18-The Clocks (Agatha Christie)I suspect most working people in their twenties and thrities have a similar day (except perhaps the studying part, but If you have kids I’m sure they’ll fill up that slot nicely). So what do you do for a living that gives you that amount of free time to read so many books? I’m just interested, it seems like an aweful lot of time spent reading.

  44. Gross Anatomy by Kyung WonChungFor pleasure I read around 110 books, that does not include school books!

  45. Night by Elie WieselEat, love, pray

  46. Forget books, just tell her, the chosen one, (not a women) you really would love to get to know her better and ask her if you can buy her a coffee. Pull your trousers up, shave and smile and you will win all the time.

  47. 200.

  48. The Fountainhead by Ayn RandeThe Witches- Roald DahlAdding up: 6,589+

  49. When Brisingr (3rd book in the inheritance cycle) came out, I read it in one go. It’s approximately 752 pages, and it took me about 10 hours to read.A lot more than you.

  50. Stephenie Meyer books baby!!! Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse!! OMG!! I do not know what i would do if my mom had not bought me those books on Christmas!!!! If it weren’t for he i would be stuck reading lame books!! Since she introduced me to the series i’m going to her Concert in Chicago!!! Woooooo!! Im going to get my books autographed!!! Im sure millions of people could agree with me that Twilight, new moon, and eclipse are AWESOME!!

  51. If you are from the U.S. you should read Moby Dick, Little Big Man, October Light, Gravity’s Rainbow, just for starters. Try to remember that reading a book for schoolwork only ruins the book for that one reading. Get back to it later and without the fat headed teachers interference the book will be much better. Poe is fantastic without a teacher helping. Same for Hemmingway and Fitzgerald.Along for the Ride- Sarah Dessen-The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen(any book by her)Idiots guide to being Governor.12-Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe (CS Lewis)Percy Jackson- Rick Riorden (5)4 or 5 informational books (my classes)What can I say, I was addicted to the series!Let’s see…-Watership Down by Richard AdamsMore than you. A person isn’t just given a seat in office, they have to work for it. She is more educated than you people realize.

  52. 1 book for fun

  53. The Lovely Bones- Alice Sebold-The Shannara series by Terry Brooks*****Silence of the Lambs, by Thomas Harris (widely considered the greatest thriller ever written, and for good reason. But it’s not for the faint of heart!)Books I own but haven’t read (planning to within the next few months):Every thing Sarah Palin retained from reading she was jotted down on the palm of her hand!!!!

  54. It’s definitely one of my favorite books.Candide by Voltaire is worth reading if not included in class work.A Simple Plan, by Scott Smith (in my opinion, this is the runner up to Silence of the Lambs. It’s not nearly as popular, but the pacing is crazy, the story is engaging, and you’re REALLY pulling for these characters)I’m 25. English is my second language – I was one of those kids that googled book summaries for book reports(English and my Home language). I reformed somewhere near my 18th Birthday and have ever since got the amount of books I’ve read up to about the 150 mark in 7 years. That puts me at an average of about 1 (new) book every 2.5 weeks.Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, without a doubt.

  55. The Alienist, by Caleb Carr (these other two are by all means smart books, but this seems on a different level! While Silence of the Lambs is a dark, dark look into the human mind, this one is the same. It introduces the first concept of a serial killer into the unsuspecting world of the late 1800’s, when such a thing was pretty much unstudied and unheard of. And it’s an engaging, smart read!)

  56. Twain. Don’t miss reading lots of Mark Twain.It is almost impossible to estimate. I started reading at a young age, books we owned & some borrowed from the library. I am in my mid-thirties now. My current library consists of approxiamately 3,500 books, most of which have been read cover to cover. Maybe 4,000 – 5,500 (?), maybe more.3-Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (JK Rowling)The Bible ( of Course )

  57. -the Bartimaeus trilogy by Jonathan Stroud*****

  58. Between the ages of 6 and 11, I read about 2 books a day for pleasure plus at least a book a month for primary school inc. holidays so (5 x 365 x 2 = 3,650) + (5 x 12 = 60) = 3,710I have read many thousands of books in my lifetime, so I don’t think you really want me to list them all. And let’s just say I’m exactly what my user name suggests – a female who has been around for a while.

  59. Prenatal Diagnosis by Mark EvansI can not figure out if your question was a dumb one or not but it got me thinking and enthused. Thanks

  60. The Kite Runner- Khaled HosseiniTomorrow series books 1-3 (John Mardsen)Goosebumps- R.L Stine (about 25)-the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Coffer*Geronimo Stilton books (about 20)I did the same thing when the fourth book, Inheritance, came out, but it only took me 8 hours to read, even though it was about 100 pages longer.I had to read Homer’s The Odyssey in 9th grade, that was awful and definitely one of the longest books I’ve read. I just finished In Cold Blood by Truman Capote and A Home at the End of the World by Michael Cunningham, both were good.

  61. What does everybody do for a living that enables them to have that much free time for reading??8-Midnight Magic (Avi)I usually just ready one at a time.

  62. The Double Helix.. by James Watson.Between the ages of 19 and 25 (my current age) I read about a book a month per pleasure and at least ten books a month for university inc. holidays, so (6 x 12 = 72) + (6 x 12 x 10 = 720) = 792Time spent bathing/washing dishes/everyday nitty gritty stuff: 2 hoursMmmm… I don’t remember the exact number, cuz I don’t remember of those that I have read a long time ago!!! well, here it goes:-Great Expectations by Charles Dickens*i watch tv set rarely. you just do not get the same quality. after all, try making walden into a tv set show

  63. Since then I’ve accumulated enough books I’ve read and KEPT that fill 8 book cases here.

  64. How many states have you been the governor of?

  65. I don’t know.

  66. The longest I ever read was skulduggery pleasant 6 for 4 hours straight and the hunger games 1# around the same time

  67. -The Counte of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas*About 5 books for fun a month. So that would be…60.

  68. The name of the book is growup u dumbass

  69. That leaves me with about 6.5 hours left to get some sleep of which I usually burgle half an hour to read.Let me estimate.Just remember to skip the crap showing up on most best sellers lists.The Right Stuff by Tom WOlf.The ROnald Clarke biography of Albert EInstein.Rules of attraction- Simone ElkelesThe “Just” books (about 5-7) Paul JenningsThe story is also really scientific since it deals with real obscure but real science and Harry is a super brainy genius there. Not a nerd but just ultra smart and some of the stuff goes way over my head. Pathetic, no? But it is long and very complicated. It will totally change your view-point of fanfiction and just blow you away. It’s an AU fanfic but I highly recommend it if you have nothing better to do or are bored one day. Just search in Authors for Less Wrong or HP and the Methods of Rationality. You won’t be disappointed!

  70. Harry Potter series- JK Rowling (7)Various Paul Jennings books (about 12 i think)To be truth full I’d have to say around a thousand… To some that may be a lot considering I’m only 20 but I have always loved books. I tend to read anything that looks interesting from sci-fi to romance to mystery and even some teen books like the Uglies-Pretties-Specials series.. I can usually read a book in 2 or 3 hours and when I find one I like I don’t want to put it down. I remember once I went to a book store (can’t remember the name) and I asked about new vampire/paranormal books and all that they said I already had read. As for listing them well here’s some all of Laurell K Hamilton Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kim Harrison, every Goosebumps I can find, Mary Janice Davidson, Christine Feehan, Maggie Shayne James Patterson ( though i haven’t read the women’s mystery club.. yet) and way too many others to name.

  71. To Kill a Mockingbird.This time I am going to stop.7-Something Upstairs (Avi)Lewis Carrol, of course. Edward Lear. Start in on Ogden Nash.I had better stop now but there is lots out there. The only good advice I might be able to give is look for books at least 10 years old and still available.That’s a hard thing to say for sure, but I think i have the answer!i read one , dont put it down till its half finished or finished . then i pick up another one

  72. The lord of the rings- JRR Tolkien (3)

  73. For Fun I Read About 22 Books A Year

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