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How Do I Remove Books From My Ipad

HELP… Ipad keeps deleting my books and music after restore…

Hi,After updating ibook, I chose Sync hoping to get books sync in my new laptop. The reason I did so was that my old laptop had a different name for the apple ipad account from my current one. After that, I lost all my books and musics, and Ipad loaded some random books from my laptop but not ones I needed. I…

apple sucksitunes suckrealli u usually give serious anwers butitunes is just the most irritating annoyying software everi have an iphone and ipad so i have to deal with it sometimes but i choose to use thirdparty software instead of itunesi recommend using itunes bit without the bullshit

how do i transfer my ebooks from my laptop to my ipad2.

You will need to make sure that the ebooks are in iTunes.If you don’t have iTunes, download it.Connect your iPad, go to iTunes and select your iPad from the sidebar.Across the top of the page you will see: Summary, Info, Apps, Tones, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, and then ….Books.Click on books, select the ones you want to Sync or choose Sync all books.Then down at the bottom right hand side choose Sync or Apply, wait till it’s done (check the status in the middle at the top of the page).Remove the iPad from the computer – all done. Kindle prime

What’s wrong with my iPad.

Today I tried to download two keynotes from the iTunes store. One downloaded successfully and the other didn’t because it said it didn’t have enough room. I immediately canceled the second download and I deleted the first one as well.I tried to sync my iPad with iTunes because I got some new songs that I…

try connecting ur ipad, go into itunes, restore ur ipad. sounds like a software issue to me. a reset with itunes should fix ur issue.hope it helps!!

I have an iPad question.

Whenever I try to sync my new iPad to my computer a message comes up that says”Are you sure you want to remove existing music, movies, T.V. Shows, books and tones from this iPad? Music, movies, T.V. Shows, books and tones synced to …’s iPad will be removed and items will be synced with this iTunes…

Have you ever synced your iPad with another computer? Usually when you try to sync it with a computer other than the one you previously synced it with, it wants you to erase everything to sync it to the new computer.Try turning off the Automatic syncing option in iTunes on the iPad menu or, if this is the computer you want to use for the iPad the rest of the time, just erase everything and re sync it.Hope this helped!

How do I delete songs/videos off of my iPad.

Hi, I just need a little help with my iPad. I just need to know how to delete songs or videos off of my iPad (duh, that’s the question). I have some crappy music that I don’t even want on here, and there are some podcasts that I accidentally downloaded (glad they were free). I will actually be picking the…

Open iTunes and connect your iPad. On iTunes there’s a panel on the left and you should see your iPad there, listed under “Devices.” Click that. Now you’ll see a page with some little boxes on it. The box at the top will have a picture of an iPad and the box should be titled “iPad.” Scroll down and you’ll see a box that says “sync only checked songs and videos.” Then you will probably see a button in the bottom right of iTunes that says “Apply.” Click that.Now look at the panel on the left again and click “Music,” “Movies,” “Apps,” “Books,” or whatever you’d like and check or uncheck them as you please. When you’re done unchecking certain music and movies, you can click “iPad” under “Devices” again and click “Sync” in the bottom righthand corner and all the stuff you unchecked. will be removed from your iPad.And in case you don’t know how to uncheck items, whether it’s movies or music (or anything else in iTunes) it will show the item’s name on the left and then to the left of the name is a little box with a checkmark in it. If you click it and the checkmark disappears, when you sync your iPad the item will be deleted. But then if you want to add it again, you just have to recheck the box and sync again.Good luck!

How can i remove the drm from ibooks.

I want to read the ones I bought on kindle

i think you didn’t explain your quesion clearly..where on earth did you buy the book? iBooks or Kindle??if you want to read Kindle books on iPad, you have to delete Kindle books’ DRM first, this soft is helpful:,then convert the mobi to epub by Calibre for free, sync the epub to your iPad, it’s done!if your want to read ibooks on Kindle. this is impossible. there is no way to delete ibooks’ DRM, means you have to read ibooks on iPad.

My Nook Book isn’t in .epub.

I’m trying to remove the DRM from my Nook Book to make it accessible on my iPad, but when I used a convertor, I found that my Nook Book was already in .pdf… but then I tried to open it and it couldn’t be opened? How do I change this?

Just install the Nook app on your iPad and use that to open it. Either that or purchase it in the iTunes Store.

How do I remove DRM from iBook and put book on kindle.

I think that will be pretty hard. I believe Apple only allows iBooks to be downloaded to Apple hardware. So if you don’t have a Mac or iPad I don’t think you will be able to download the iBooks. If you do have Apple hardware and download them, then you have the problem of getting them out of the device and Apple won’t make that easy for you either.…Then you have to figure out how to get the DRM off and then convert it to mobi format (which is illegal since that is making a copy, and worse than that. an unprotected copy).I think a better idea would be to ask around at school if anyone wants to trade an Amazon or Kindle gift card for an iTunes gift card. Or you could sell the iTunes gift cards at a discount on Ebay, then buy yourself Amazon/Kindle gift cards.

How to remove books from my to-read list.

I can’t seem to find a delete/removal option on goodreads to-read list on my ipad.. Can somebody please do a step-by-step for me?

just put your finger on the book and slide like you are going to unlock the ipof but the opposite direction from right to left and you will get the option for removal tap it and its done 🙂

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