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Books On How To Save Your Marriage

Would you really quit on marriage.

WOuld you know what to do to try and save it and if not would you take the good advise of someone, even God to save what he has put together and bound together as one?

I would definitley work on it and try to save it the best way that i knew how with marriage counseling and things like that. I would pray and ask God for guidance and for help with this… I would read the book the Power of a Praying wife and let God lead me and my decisions… I would not just up and quit on my marriage for just any reason that is for sure. God can save your marriage and bring that bond and love feeling back. However if my husband did not love me and he wanted out of the marriage and no matter what we tried did not work i would let him go because the Bible does say if the unbelieving spouse wants out let them depart and brother or sister is not under bondage in such cases. Also if i was being abused i would get out!

How to save my marriage.

my husband and I are at a tight spot right now. He thinks I hate him, we haven’t really talked in 2 days, he sleeps on the couch, it just gets worse everyday. here are some details he had alot of problems in the beginning of the marriage, he was a drunk, and a womanizer, I stuck by him because I knew he could…

A husband needs to feel appreciated, respected, needed, supported, encouraged, and needs affection from his wife. If he was like this before you two married, then you set yourself up for this and had it coming. People don’t change after they get married, we expect them to, but they don’t. People can change for the better if they really put their heart into it. There are things in the relationship that you are doing that is destructive. I suggest two books, The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands and The Proper Care & Feeding of Marriage by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. You’ll be able to relate.You need to do some changing too. It’s not just one person that needs to change. You have to want to change, you have to stick with it, and stick with it to make it a part of your daily life for good. Think about the things you are doing that’s pushing your husband away. I hope you and him do some thinking… Free selfhelp ebooks

How to save my marriage.

i’m 28 years old. marriage for almost 3 years. im so inlove with my husband. i become very jealous and doubt and because of that he became cold. im trying to change but seems too late. he never kiss me, talk to me and lovemake, he didn’t even want to sleep beside me. One more thing is maybe because of my…

I think your husband still loves you, but that there is deep hurt within the relationship. Hurtful words and continual neglect on your part could make him resentful and cold to you. Also, if you have given up your position as loving wife to be loving mother and spend what little time the two of you have together argueing…well, he might be hurt about that also. I don’t think it’s as much the weight as how you are acting toward him, but I’m sure loosing a few pounds would help spark your love life :).My advice is to purchase the book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands”. It is wonderful!!!! It really puts into perspective, what a man wants and needs in marriage and how giving him what he wants and needs, makes the wife happy as well.Marriage is hard work for both people involved. Most of the time what we put into something is what we get in return. So think of it that way. Would you expect full-time pay for part-time work?Tonight when your man comes home, have a hot meal on the table for him. Have your hair and makeup fixed, legs shaved, nice outfit, nails polished, his favorite perfume, and get a baby-sitter for the little one for a couple of hours. Tell him that this is the start of a new you and a new relationship for the two of you. Tell him how much you love and need him and that you have taken for granted everything that he does for you , but that is about to change because as his wife your sole purpose is to make him proud to be your husband. Talk, that’s what you need to do. Let it all out and let him share his feelings.Make a lifestyle change for yourself, not a diet. Start eating right and exercising. This will make YOU feel better about YOU, which in turn will make you happier and a more enjoyable person to be around. Mayber alot of your jealousy stems from your low self-esteem related to your weight gain. That is easily remedied. Start today!!!…Copy and paste this address and read the article. Its sad really. Dr. Laura is also the author of the book I recommended.I wish you the best and God bless!!!

How to save a marriage when you dont want to loose it.

I have been married for 8 yrs and have a son that is 6 yrs old. Our marriage has suffered a great deal exspcially over the last year. He told me last week that his feeling have changed for me. He has spent the last week and half trying to figure out his feelings. I CANT loose my husband. I love him…

I support you in your desires to save the marriage!!!Check out the site in the source list, they have some really good ideas on what to do.You may want to find a copy of Dr. Lauras book about feeding and nurturing your husband as well, it sounds like it has some good ideas..

How to save my marriage.

My husband (together 4.5 years, married 6 months, 2 kids) informed me Monday that he no longer is in love with me and didn’t want to be with me anymore. He had been acting distant for a little less than 2 weeks and I thought maybe he was stressed from work (he works 10 hours days frequently) so I gave him…

Yes, I know the EXACT solution to your problem, and a 100% chance of getting him back, IF, and I say, IF, it is not too late already.If he is not living with you, and won’t move back in, then it is probably useless and it’s too late, and you’ve lost him. But, by what you say, I know the solution.There are two books, that you MUST read. One is obtainable on the internet and is not very expensive at all. The other, can be obtained free from your local library. In fact, both may be in the library by now. They are:”The Care And Feeding Of Husbands” by Dr. Laura Schlesinger. (read first)”The Sensuous Woman” by J.If you read and practice the precepts and teachings in those books, I guarantee that your husband will love and worship you as “the best wife on the planet” for the rest of your lives.Trust me on this. I “know” it for a fact.Good luck..

How to save my marriage.

My husband an I are at a wits end.. He’s 26 with multiple sclerosis, and I’m 20 we have a one year old and we just fight constantly.. I’ve tried everything from medication, anger management, life counseling, and marriage counseling… Nothings helping but we do love each other it’s just hard… So…

I recommend that you watch the movie Fireproof together. My wife and I really liked it. It is a Christian movie but at the same time it has good stuff in it that you can apply in any marriage. If he doesn’t want to watch the movie you should try out the book Love Dare.Also, I would go on a relaxing vacation with him and maybe leave the baby with grandparents.Those are the best suggestions I have for the info that you gave.

Save your marriage book.

Hello me and my wife been having problems with our marriage for a couple of months. I been trying to save our marriage but my wife is not trying at all. When I woke up this morning I notice a book on the coffee table. Its about steps to a successfull marriage. What do you make of this you think she want to…

yes she is sending you a subliminal msg, she wants you to read the book and get a clue as to how to fix it, she is saying it w/out saying it in so many words!

can you suggest a marriage book.

any books that gave some good insight on how to try and save your marriage?

I recommend Relationship Rescue by Dr. Phil McGraw….Great book and Great insights…..

Marriage help….. I need a good book to read on how to save it….

My marriage is in shambles and I need help!!! I’m already going to a counselor for my problems but does anyone know of a good book I can read in the mean time?? I really want to save my marriage! Please HELP!!!

“Relationship Rescue Workbook” by Dr. Phil McGraw is good. You and your spouse go through exercises to help you figure out what the problems are and how to fix them.

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69 thoughts on “Books On How To Save Your Marriage

  1. lose weight but he should love you so idk

  2. Get “7 things happy couples do” by the friels. It is an excellent relationship book. If you are both prepared to work at the marriage there is always great hope. Good Luck Truluv!

  3. She want to save the marriage just like you want it. It’s a good news. Have you find the problem with your marriage? If you know the problem than to save the marriage is more easier. Good Luck!

  4. Are you still the person he married?Tell your husband that you want to know what’s on his mind – don’t worry about the little things right now, just talk about what’s jeaprodizing your marriage. I’ve heard it said that marriage is a series of falling in and out of love – it will suffer. Just be supportive, don’t turn him into a villian, and don’t yet upset. Try to talk, as I said before, but don’t make him talk. Keep being a great wife – you may have to carry a little more weight for a while, but it’s worth it if it saves your marriage. Also, pray about it. Pray for him every day; your love for him will grow and if you get right with God everything will fall into place. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 says: “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” That’s what you do. I hope it turns out, I’ll be praying. God Bless,yes i would always try to save a marriage, and would do whatever it took, but unfortunately sometimes we don’t know our marriage is that bad, until the person has already gone and with someone else. if the person refuses to go to therapy or seek god, there isn’t much hope. we can ask god to restore our marriages but sometimes even god can’t unharden someones heart, as everyone has free will to do whatever they want to do, which god never interferes with. it takes two to breakup a marriage and two to restore it, at some point if the person doesn’t come back we have to realize they are not going to.

  5. Love is a choice that is made everyday when you wake up and every night whenAs such, I am sure I have his permission to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

  6. The only think that I see bound to God is our obligation to be and give happiness to others.Sometimes when one person takes the blame and says I’m sorry and I’m going to change then the other one will also. It is pretty amazing how that works also.

  7. I’m really sorry to say this, but once someone’s mind is made up, the relationship is over.Maybe you are not as messed up as you think. But whatever you do don’t keep drifting apart as the average for couples staying together is about as bad as it gets in the world today.Not only I would, but I did.why have his feelings changed? does it have something to do with your behaviour? have things changed?It’s quite possible you two need to separate in order to regain perspective on life, your feelings for one another – and it may be that this “love” you have for one another isn’t ENOUGH to sustain your marriage whatsoever.

  8. on what is really happening in your marriage. I dont mean to scare you but”Perfect Sex” – something that I read about. With ordinary sex, we just copulate till the man ejaculated. With “perfect sex” we do some ‘rituals’ first. First the partners should kiss and caress each other for at least 30 minutes. The man should avoid stimulating the womans genitals while doing this. Then, the partners should join but remain motionless and relaxed. Remain joined for at least 30 minutes. After that, you could proceed moving and get an orgasm. In days you don’t want to have sex, just cuddle naked. It is said to be very effective.Sorry.

  9. hahah the first womans answer made me laugh with the pow wow wow…haha but back to you dear i am soooo sorry that all this is happening to you the best thing i can encourage you to do is talk to him and tell him the way you feel. I’ve been married for 5 years, and let me tell you there has been many nights that I’ve cried to my husband just letting my pouring my heart out so he will be aware that yes times may be hard, we may fight, i may fuss about him making a mess in the house, or not always helping with my son austin’s diapers or feedings but no matter what i love him…and tell your husband that you are married and that means working things out!

  10. get some good advice that both of you can live withSure looks like you are in a tight spot. But its nice to see that even though you are in such a situation, you are sticking by his side. That really shows you love him alot, no matter what happens. I am not married yet but from reading your problem, the advice i can give is to stay with you husband and try your best to solve your problem. As you said he has stopped drinking, you know that he can change. He has the ability in him to change. All he needs is motivation, support and push in the right direction. Ofcourse no one is perfect; everyone has their faults. World is not perfect. I suugest that if you have any pictures or any videos that shows the fun times you both shared, maybe you can bring them out and refresh his memories of how much you do love him; not hate him. Try to support him and encourage him and not blame him. Show him examples of what he is doing wrong, so that he can see it from his own eyes instead of thinking you are blaming him. Maybe i am going all over the place but i hope it helpes to save you marriage. I wish you all the very best.

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  12. Tell him he better start showing that he wants you.

  13. He’s covering his tracks by blaming it all on you to give himself a get out of jail free card to carry on his affair with this woman…because he was neglected at home.You both claim to “love one another” but that doesn’t seem to help, does it? You’ve tried everything to date, and still, you are both combative verbally.Watch the movie Fire Proof and do the love dare book that goes along with it..

  14. A marriage consists of two people, each only having control to the extent of themselves, and not over the other. A marriage can be saved only if both people respectively want that goal and work towards it. Try individual therapy first, get your own head together, chances are that each of you are trying to look to the other to fill an individual unfilled need which only the individual themselves can fulfill, and not any other person.

  15. spouse cannot even see. One of the only things you can do to help is to talkif its worth saving and you made vows then BOTH of you have to com mitt to staying together..get an outside opinion on what you are doing wrong.Sounds like it.

  16. I don’t think God makes choices for me… and quite frankly, I don’t think God would want anyone to me miserable because of a relationship that did not work…

  17. Nothing we say here will help. You need to see a marriage counselor. Both of you have some communication issues that need to be addressed by a professional. I think that it is worth a try. Your mom sees you unhappy and she just wants to protect her daughter. But if you feel you want to save your marriage then you should give it a shot at therapy. Not all marriages begin great, but it does not mean if BOTH of you are willing to give it your all then it could end up great. If all else fails, then you can walk away knowing you did everything in your power to save it.

  18. see if the person will go to counseling with you….I do wish you luck but he needs to be willing to fix things….ask him whats wrong..

  19. you feel like checking it out I would completly suggest it.then how do you save it?

  20. Stop fighting. When you disagree about something, start thinking of it as a negotiation instead. And remember this about negotiating: it means that neither of you will get 100% what you want, and you both have to accept this.

  21. you go to sleep. Some days you may not feel the original feeling but loveIf you can’t even afford a self-help book then marriage counseling will obviously be out of your league too which is sad because that’s about your only hope. If you can’t afford a book, then how are you going to afford an attorney when he decides to move in with the new chick? You’d better either get a job if you don’t have one or start socking money away to pay for a lawyer because I’m pretty sure that’s the next level this is all going to and if you want child support you better have a lawyer.

  22.“Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps” by Allen and Barbara Peasecould be just whats showing from a larger problem that either you or yourHe left? Get an attorney and file for temporary custody, child support and alimony. See how he handles that…

  23. “Enjoy each others company” – Are you talking only about bills, childcare, house repairs and other stuff? Only talk when something is wrong and end in arguments? You are missing something important. You need to talk about those but its also important to talk about each other… like best friends. Try this. Have a time where you are both relaxed and talk about your day to day experience and other personal stuff. Gossip about your neighbors and friends and other community news. Talk about things light. Enjoy each others company.It sounds like your husband still has a little bit of the “womanizer” in him. Problems just don’t go away without being resolved. It’s good that you want to save your marriage, but you need someone to help you guys really hear each other out and understand each other. Get into counseling immediately.

  24. Yes, it sounds like your wife is wanting to make the marriage work. Maybe things can start being better for the two of you.

  25. Watch the movie fireproof – together. Not the best movie making quality, but great for marriage. Look for the movie at anyplace that rents/sells DVDs.I have to agree with Bill…….I am going through a separation with my husband right now and it seemed that I had no hope and I was ready to give up. I bought the movie Fireproof and I am now doing The Love Dare. I must say that it has been an eye opener and I really do suggest you and your husband watch it together. If you love him and there is any part of you that still wants your marriage to work, then you have to try and fight for it.

  26. Well I don’t want to make my list go long but try doing them. Hope they help you bring back the connection with your husband.

  27. If she was reading a marriage book, of course she is wanting things to work out. Stop asking strangers on the internet, and talk to your dang wife.

  28. She must if she was the one to put the book there. Maybe it is too embarrassing or too hard for her to talk to you about it. Praise her for taking a step forward and wanting to make your marriage work. Be very patient with her if she doesn’t open up quickly. She may be trying her best, just like you. Best of luck to both of you.

  29. Dr Phils book are good…relationship rescue makes sense.

  30. i know what you are going through, but at least he told you that his feelings had changed. my husband up and left taking with him everything that we bought together. he changed his cell and i dont know where he is. i was hurt and angry at first and now i am just devistated because i cant believe it has gotten this far. we had a rocky six month period and i asked him to go to counseling but he wouldn’t. you may not like his response, but at least you got an answer. go to counseling…drag him!!!

  31. From what I can understand is that your husband is cold because he may feel that you don’t trust him any more which has brought this on, I would sit and talk to him about how you feel but more to the point of how he feels make it about him, maybe the weight thing is some of the problem but I don’t believe it is the whole problem I think there is a deeper underlying problem that has pushed him away from you, if he is still with you then yes I believe he still loves you, you may have a lot of work ahead of you good luck and I hope everything works out.Both of you have to read it together.

  32. You don’t need to “educate” her as if she is a dog!!! first of all, your current situation must me the consequence of something… what has been happening between you two?? haven’t you tried to consider that she must be even less satisfied than you are?? you are thinking just about “fingering” and stuff like that when maybe the source of the problem is communication?, empathy? and understanding??? anything else Beyond the mere sexual act? And don’t even try to take this situation as an excuse and cheat on your wife now!! That would very selfish and even immature for a man of your age… Try to listen what she has to say and DON’T JUDGE her of having traditional thoughts… im sure there’s a lot to save in in your marriage, even more after 22 years!!!!! Good luck and sorry If I spoke strongly but men sometimes are so thoughtless….

  33. yes, that is her way of showing she wants to try. give her a chance and good luck:)

  34. many problems when they either first show up or if they keep reoccurringI partially agree with Sara, look at what has made the marriage so routing and see if that is what both of you want. You may be comfortable in that situation but it has gotten boring.. for him. what do you both want! Once that is decided then you can work towards it.

  35. don’t think you like the person anymore.

  36. Wow. I’m actually speechless. I don’t know a whole lot about MS, but if you guys have tried all of the above, SOMEONE between the two of you doesn’t want it to work. there is no miracle cure outside of what you mentioned. you both have to want to make it work, and somewhere, there is a disconnect. only you and he know what it is, but somewhere, something’s not adding up, IF you two truly love each other, and TRULY want it to work.

  37. Aimee

  38. I know by the time I’ve typed out all I want to say a lot of people will have answered, but it doesn’t matter. Here we go.

  39. Fact ..the average home in the U.S. is a single mom with her kids. sad but their are more single moms then married couples.Read the book, “Get Married, Stay Married” by Paul Tiska. I heard that this book is really good. In fact, I have met many successful marriages, and all have mentioned that book. By the title it self, it doesn’t need much explanation. Another book that I personally have read is, “The five Love Languages”. This book is powerful, and it really helped me understand people and what makes them click. I do hope your marriage gets better, I have faith in you!

  40. PS. just out of interest did this start to happen soon after the birth of your child ?. if so he may be feeling unwanted and unloved because as we parents know having a child and looking after them take up a lot of your time and tend to distance parents from a one on one social evening . Just a thought.

  41. Relationship Rescue by Dr. Phil. It may sound silly, but it works. two books, one for him and one for you. Read it and talk about it. If both of you truly want the marriage to work then it in the first place. Don’t just get out of a marriage just because youpow wow time.Some people have good advice. Here are mine you could try, some of it might be sexual so…:blog that has more information on some of what I’ve been writing about. IfMy kids are much happier after my marriage ended. So am I. So is my ex.”Play” – playing and having fun is said to revitalize us. Try engaging in games that the two of you enjoy doing together. Chess? Boggle? Ping-pong? Hide and seek? Basketball? You may also like to invite your friends and neighbors over to share the fun.”Bonding Behavior” – Touching, kissing, holding hands, cuddling, gazing to each others eyes, skin-to-skin contact, nuzzling, massage, murmuring sweet nothings, and other actions are said to ‘bond’ and bring people together especially if they are done with intent of expressing love. So you and your husband might try doing such bonding behavior on daily basis and try send each others love through it.

  42. honestly and openly with each other in the marriage. If things become more

  43. get our the dirt and be completely open and honest with eachother.If you weren’t jealous before, then don’t be now.good luck I wish you well

  44. [/DELDUP]after you figure this out then you need to discuss whether it’s worth saving or not.[DELDUP()]You do not must “coach” her as though she is a puppy!!! to begin with, your present main issue ought to me the end result of whatever… what has been going down among you 2?? have not you attempted to keep in mind that she ought to be even much less convinced than you’re?? you’re pondering practically “fingering” and stuff like that after possibly the supply of the concern is communique?, empathy? and information??? some thing else Beyond the mere sexual act? And do not even attempt to take this main issue as an excuse and cheat to your spouse now!! That could very egocentric or even immature for a person of your age… Try to pay attention what she has to mention and DON’T JUDGE her of getting conventional ideas… im definite there may be plenty to save lots of in for your marriage, much more after 22 years!!!!! Good good fortune and sorry If I spoke strongly however guys often are so inconsiderate….

  45. i understand precisely what your coping with and that’s a annoying highway i’ve got been on it for 8 years, and that’s a stable marriage i’m in different than for the intercourse. we’ve tried the finished “bypass” element and it bring about resentment. that’s annoying. do you should stay or bypass hummmm. it somewhat is a annoying question. i’m a believer in making it paintings, by employing any potential. Then i think of i will’t help you simply by fact i’m in the comparable boat as your self. i’m nonetheless unsure, yet in addition she provides you to alter, you have what I even have on my palms…. A companion it somewhat is coping with passive-aggressive dispositions. i’ve got found out coping with a passive-aggressive man or woman,, they are going to in no way exchange, they are going to in no way quite somewhat care approximately your desires, and there is surely no communication which will help. that’s difficult, and marriage is a dedication. What helps me get by way of it somewhat is understanding the subsequent woman might desire to be worse. Passive aggressive is a ailment that they progressed as a coping skill progressed considering the fact that they have been a newborn, and in basic terms counseling might help, yet face it they might in no way exchange.

  46. Hello, have two talked about a marriage counselor maybe that ca work for you if he con ciders it or your place of worship maybe that can work too.or just communicating with each other is very much the key to long and happy’s hard to leave the one you love but also he has to open up and communicate that’s very important to air out both of your difference’s and don’t yell or argue it’s always good to have a third person a marriage counselor there to hear both sides. Good luck Friend..

  47. “Courtly Love” – this is something I read about. Its something that is popular in medieval times. I advice you to make a version of it. In a nutshell, in “courtly love” the partners are to touch each other, kiss each other, cuddle each other naked, everything lovers should do except sex and orgasm (and other sexual acts like masturbating, oral sex and the like). Try doing this every night: both of you go to bed naked and cuddle each other for at least 30 minutes. Enjoy how the skin to skin contact feel and try to “send” your love to each other through it. Understand, courtly Love works gradually and may take some time and several nights for effect to be felt.of course he still love you. Do you still love him?? If you still love him, be more faith,concern for him. i believe he can feel it. right?

  48. don’t give up on yourself as kids really need two parentsjust mean you need to spice things up a little or that you were never inIt’s the BEST book about relationship communication I can recommend.

  49. serious more serious options need to be looked at as possibilities. I have ano i would not quit i think that quitting on marraiges is a prob of our society. well you just have to learn to see where things are going wrong and what u are doing wrong and to realise u can not control the actions of anyone including ur spouse, u can only deal with u. you can only quit if your partner has giving up too

  50. No I wouldn’t guit, but it takes work from both husband & wife to save a marriage. My wife left me, cheated on me, disrespected the hell out of me to her friends,lies on top of lies made fun of the fact that I would get down on my knees and cry for her. But she stills wants to divorce me. Yet I tried everyday to show my commitment to her & our marriage. But I have tried & showed God what’s in my heart, & that I tried to keep what God himself brough together intact. Based on my love for her & our children and the vows that we made to eachother. My heart may have been broken, but by the way she has treated and been treating me I know I’ll be alright. She once told me life goes on & to get over it, I never saw my life without her in it. But it is what it is. So to all of you out there that have tried but in the end it just didn’t work out for you. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile.

  51. I would do everything l could to save my marriage. I would not quit and walk away easerly

  52. Sounds like she wants to make an effort

  53. Have you tried asking him to see if he wanted to save it? What is he putting forward to help the relationship? You may have your heart set on saving it but if he doesn’t, then there is no point in trying to fix something that he ins’t willing to put 100% into as well. You may put forward all this extra effort and he may turn around at the end and say, “I wan’t a divorce.”

  54. Many of the problems you may be facing could be just the tip of the iceberghave a heart to heart talk w/ your husband. tell him all your feelings. ask him waht u want him to do & everything.

  55. Sometimes, letting go seems like the easiest thing to do. But think about this: you’ve invested so much of your time and energy into another person; you’ve made a solemn promise; and you still know there’s love, even if it’s hiding underneath the surface. This website will show you how to save a marriage and avoid divorce, even if you’re the only one trying

  56. it will make life easier for everyone in the long runThe first thing you should know is that alcohol abuse does mess you up in the head and unless he had proper counceling his old tendencies will still be there. I know how you feel. Mine was the same but not abusive, but an addict. We’ve been together for 5 years and it’s an uphill battle. The good times are few and short for that matter. But love keeps us together. Slowly things improve but don’t expect them to get 100 percent better. You just get better at dealing with them.

  57. Of course he is going to think you hate him if you are not talking… You need to talk to him and love him where he is at… Seek counseling and help for you and this marriage or it will end up falling apart. You are not perfect and he is not either BUT you can only work on changing yourself to be the partner and wife you need to be for him. You have to treat and love him the way you would want him to treat and love you. Why in the world is he on the couch ? Did you kick him out of the bed?

  58. Who ever said ‘Love’ was easy ! It’s a commitment together. Seems your there but it a tough road to deal with . Yes fighting isn’t love, but the making up is. If that doesn’t exist, then better rethink what your love is together.

  59. I recommend this free ebook, it has helped me a great deal:But, when it comes down to it….you cant make another love you. No matter what you do. I’m sorry for you that you have to feel these feelings that your going through now, but, once again, you cant make another love you the way you want. Its a sad story, I know, and I don’t know what to tell you of how to get through it or over it. Its not easy.

  60. I am going through the very same thing. Its very hard to go through. I cant stress “very hard” enough. Its something that you never thought you would be in again in your life, that’s why you got married, right?Grace

  61. If you put on the weight suddenly, then you can loose it suddenly.

  62. But I don’t think he’s being completely honest with you about the reason. I think he’s blaming you for not paying attention to him as an excuse to make you feel guilty and blame the break up on you. If he really loved you at one point he would have brought it up a long time ago, as soon as he started feeling that way. That way, you both would have had a chance to address the issue and work together. Instead he just used it as an excuse to end a relationship that he probably has wanted to get out of for a while. That’s why I don’t think any book is going to help you win him back.Prayer will help.

  63. love is something that is a natural thing. a person cannot make someone love them this is something that is from their side of the heart, so you had his baby and now you have gotten a little fat .. size weight and all others things should not interrupt love is for keeps no matter what changes, looks and things like that goes beyond the factor of real seems to me that this man never loved you in the first place ..when two marry its for keeps in my opinion and nothing should ever separate people who are truly and earnestly in love… first thing you should do is pray about this and put you life in the hands of the lord God of heaven and seek his will for you life…

  64. isnt a feeling or an emotion. Its an action a verb. Falling out of love may

  65. no, i would not quit on marriage…and i don’t think anybody else should either…everything should be done to save the marriage first before ending everything that began together in the first place…but how much would one be willing to forgive and do people actually put the bad behind them and start over?? I think that sometimes love might be enough but then again you never know unless you’re in there experiencing it for yourself…

  66. Being sober for a year really isn’t all that long in the larger scheme of things. On the other hand be grateful for every single day he has been sober and pray for the days ahead when he still will be. As for the respect issue he has – you may want to examine the manner in which you are delivering your stuff to him. Often times, I have learned over the years that my wife’s communication skills lack, say a gentle hand. And therefore I have often misinterpreted what she’s actually telling me. I admire your commitment to working thing out so If I were you I’d explore seeing a third party to mediate with the both of. Maybe a family counselor of sorts could help. Good luck.

  67. The only book you need is one that tells you how to get a divorce!

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