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How Many Books In Hunger Games Series

Hunger Games book…..

Will suzzane collins write another book? maybe about the new u.s. or a capitol hunger games>??

Dude, these answers are all ridiculous. Do you know how many authors call their series a “trilogy” and then end up writing more books? Douglas Adams, Cassandra Clare, Scott Westerfeld. Even Twilight was originally going to be a trilogy, I think.So that’s not why she won’t write another book, she probably won’t because the story is very complete the way she left it. As of now, she has announced no plans to write more books in The Hunger Games universe. But you never know.

How many books will there be total in The Hunger Games Trilogy.

So far there is:-The Hunger Games-Catching FireI know she’s writing one right now and that it is to be released Fall 2010. But I heard this will be her final book to the trilogy? Is that true? I really hope not.p.s. Peeta or Gale? 😉

Three books = Trilogy, I’ll also agree with the person who first answered.The final one IS going to be released Fall 2010. Probably September or October, if current trends continue. Don’t worry, she’ll probably have a new series right after. Or she’ll just be working on the Hunger Games movie. :)I <3 Peeta!--AlexandriaAdmin of HGT.Com

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How many words are in the Hunger Games book series.

The Hunger Games – 99,750Catching Fire – 101,564Mockingjay – 100,269~Dr. B.~


how many books in the hunger games series are there.

i heard there was 3 but is there any more coming out?

Sadly only 3.lol1) The hungergames2) Catching fire3) Mockingjayanswer?:);…

How many times do Peeta and Katniss kiss in the hunger games book series.

Like what pages of the hunger games, catching fire and mockingjay. I’m still on the first book so no major spoiler alerts please! But I really want them to end up together! Don’t tell me if they do or not though! Haha =)

I freaking loved that series! LOL I love Peeta, Gale annoys me (you’ll find out in Mockingjay ;D)I cant tell you a specific number on the times they kissed but it wasnt a lot. Although in the movies they’ll probably extend the kissing scenes.. hope i helped 🙂

How many books are there in the hunger games series .

And please put the names of each book in order please 🙂

The Hunger GamesCatching FireMockingjay(thats all 3)

How many books are in the series The Hunger Games.

I have the first and second books but how many are in the whole series?

From my understanding > There are 3 Books….Becoz…This is actually a Trilogy ~~~*…*…CHEERS & Nice Day:)Nice seeing U here….

Third book in the hunger games series.

I just finished the second book and was pretty dissapointed. A few friends have said the 3rd book has an even greater gap in quality from the 1st book.. How many of you out there found it worth reading?

I have read all of them at least 4 times. The first time I read the third one, Mockingjay, I didn’t like it very much, I thought Cathching Fire was ok, but I loved the first one. As I read the series again, the more times I read it, the more I liked the third book. I think it is worth reading and if you don’t like it, maybe read the series again in 6 months or so and you may like it better (:

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33 thoughts on “How Many Books In Hunger Games Series

  1. its a trilogy so it has 3 books

  2. Ya its just the three books 1.Hunger Games 2.Catching Fire 3.Mockingjay. It’s disappointing there isn’t more coming out but then too much can ruin a series as well, so in one way I’m glad there isn’t another book!

  3. But this isn’t really who I like better with Katniss, I don’t want either of them with Katniss, I’m just saying I personally like Peeta better 🙂

  4. second one: Catching Fire (the name makes sence once you read the third book)

  5. well probably not, because it is a trilogy. i’ve read all the books and they are GREAT! i love them, Did you know the first movie is coming out in May of 2012? i forget the exact date. but you can look it up. you probably do know but just in case you don’t there are three books

  6. I think it should have just been one book.

  7. Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay.

  8. Read all of them and really enjoyed the whole story 🙂 The first book is the best one, but in the third one the plot gets very messy :/ But do read it, when the movie comes out you will be able to laugh at how the producers got it wrong, and have conversations about it with people you know.

  9. it is a problematical question, as you won’t be able to somewhat SAY something relating to the e book without giving it away. however the only reason I liked CATCHING hearth became via fact of Finnick, and if there became a fourth e book after Mockingjay,I wouldnt study it. won’t say why because you haven’t any longer study the e book. i could say that it became worth analyzing it, in spite of the undeniable fact that. If I hadn’t, i could have lots of questions. in spite of each thing, there’s a substantial cliffhanger in Catching hearth. yet i did no longer somewhat appreciate Katniss as plenty in the 2d and third books as I did in the 1st. I felt like Suzanne became additionally attempting to end the story too on the instant, and there is scenes the place you purely go “WTF?” and that i didnt comprehend what to anticipate via the time I have been given to the final financial ruin. besides the undeniable fact that it became worth analyzing to verify what occurred, yet i would not study a fourth e book if there became one. that’s purely too undesirable, via fact Collins had lots of ability as a author. besides, i could study it. 🙂

  10. Catching Fire (red cover)There are only three and I don’t think there will be anymore coming out.

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  12. Peeta. Because who knew baking cakes could save your life.The Hunger Games is a trilogy – a series of 3 books. The only 3 books are The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay. I doubt Suzanne Collins will write another book for the series, but I think if she writes another book it will be a companion book instead of a 4th book for the series.

  13. May the odds be ever in your favour!

  14. PS its really depressing… but good.

  15. there will be three books check out this for more infowell incase you didnt know its a trilogy so theres 2 other books… but if you did know idk

  16. a lot

  17. There are 3 books in the series number 1 is The Hunger Games, number 2 is Catching Fire, and the last book in the series is Mockingjay.

  18. I’ve read all three and it is DEFINITELY worth reading. It is a little depressing, but it is still my favorite. 🙂

  19. three

  20. The first one is the best. The second one is my favorite. And the third is just rather depressing but still satisfying in the “what happens?” factor 🙂

  21. What the other guys said; Trilogy = Three Bookspersonally my favorite book was Mocking Jay. at first i liked gale the best and still did until about the last 30 pages of mocking jay, SPOILER ALERT!! DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DON”T WANT TO KNOW WHO KATNISS PICKS!! but by the end i knew Peeta was the right choice, (u guessed it! she picks peeta!) ,, they are just a better match,

  22. third one: Mocking Jayfirst one: The Hunger GamesI don’t like dystopia and PG13, it’s like eating bland chili, might taste okay, but no spice. I thought she was forced to go over the top in the ending of the third book to try her best to maintain the “no happy ending” rule of dystopia.

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  24. Not as much in Mockingjay as in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. In CF, they kiss more to keep up the Star Crossed Lovers thing. And by the by, expect the unexpected for CF, It’s the 75th Hunger Games, meaning the Quarter Quell…(:

  25. Its WORTH reading. personally i think that if you understand them deeply then its one of few series that improves upon the first book. it may not hook you right away but it will sometime in the middle. and dontchyaa wanna knoow how it ends.??

  26. Trilogy. As in THREE books. Only. Only three books.

  27. You might not like it, but since you read the first two, don`t you think you might as well finish the series off? I found it worth reading….I mean, I read the other two books, I`d like o know what happened at the end. People just say they don`t like it because of the events that take place, but that doesn`t mean that the book is bad, it actually means the book is good because it brings out emotions in people, which is the point of books.

  28. Mockingjay (blue cover)

  29. I couldn’t get through the second Go here to the fan base.

  30. The Hunger Games (black cover)

  31. Three…The 2nd book was my favorite. But OK.If it is a trilogy, there will only be three books. That is what a trilogy is, 3 of something.

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