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How I Made 29000 Selling Books

how can u find a local contractor to build a garage. would this be cheaper than buying on from home depot.

how do you find contractors? looking to skip the middle man, if possible to make this cheaper. how do u put a job up for bid? and if all the bids are more than expected can refuse the job to all bidders?

you look in the phone book and you phone three places and ask for estimate and yes you can refuse all .home depot sells the shells and if you like them they are pretty cheap yet is that the size you really want ?i just priced one out for a man and a 20 by 16 cost with double door single side entry and two windows just under 29000.00 with cement floor Free state books

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6 thoughts on “How I Made 29000 Selling Books

  1. My neighbor got a two-story 16×24 shed on piers and one guy erected it from a kit for $500. I don’t know how he stays in business.

  2. The best way to find contractors is to ask around. There are some places that just do garages, or you can get kits, or you can have the place you buy it from use their contract labor to build it.

  3. Ask around…. Most buildings at any retail store are outragous… someone can have one built cheaper in the South than buying one.

  4. I bought a build it yourself garage for my yard. It was only 12 X 12, but it took many many many hours to put together. I had help with it, but it was really hard, because you could not use electric drills. Most screws had to be done by hand and my hands were tired after the first five hours. I will never do it yourself again for something like this.

  5. Yes, you can ask for quotes and choose any or none.

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