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How To Download Books From Audible

What websites can I buy books from and download to my Ipod.

Besides Itunes where can I buy audiobooks for my ipod. I bought a book from and I can’t get it to load onto my ipod. Is there an easy way to do that?

I use top-shelf-audiobooks,com. It is very easy and they have littel videos right on their site to show you exactly how to do it.

downloading audio books.

I want to download the uglies series by scott westerfeld and i have no idea where or how to. i want to download them for free though. ANy iddeas??

You can get two of them free from Audible with a trial. Then, there is a modest monthly subscription fee. Or, you could at least get two for free then cancel. I like the site because it gives me a little peace of mind. Downloading from completely free sites scares me a little. At any rate, I have included a link to the trial below if you want to get two of them. I hope this helps. All the best. Free zane books

can you return audible books at

I just bought an audible book from through amazon and i want to return. is that even possible?

Usually the answer is no…the reason is copyright laws. If you have downloaded anything from Amazon or Audible you, in theory, can copy it to your computer and then return it, get your money back, and have a copy of it for free. Many, many people do it and that’s why stores are really hesitant to return open cd’s, software and/or games. That said, if you explain to them that you’ve made a mistake and bought the wrong thing often times they will give you your money back, especially Amazon…but beware they can track how many things you’ve bought and tried to return…every business keeps track of your credit card info and know if they have reimbursed you or not.I work at a Barnes & Noble in the music dept. I had this man who kept coming in and returning open cd’s. Over and over…I called him out and said we couldn’t return open cd’s anymore and he started coming in and watching to see who was working. If it was someone he didn’t know…he’d return something and we’d be nice and give him his money back. I realized this and took his photo off the security cameras and told everyone working who he was and what he was doing. Sure enough, he came in, with 4 open cd’s, I saw him and told him no….he freaked out and the police were called. When the cops showed up they said, “We know all about him from other stores (Walmart and Best Buy)…he buys music, rips it on his computer…then sells mp3’s to other people…while returning the cd for refunds.”If they tell you no, on your refund, this man is the reason why.

Can you download audio books from iTunes to kindle 2.

Nd how?

Yes, audible formats can be read by the Kindle.When you attach your Kindle to your computer, just drag the audible(audio book – .AA, .AAX) file to the folder marked Audible.

How do you remove drm from audible audio books.

Hi i purchased plan from audible and i want to remove DRM only because I think it takes away from my rights as a consumer so I need to find a good program that will help me do this I already tried DRM remover RIP OFF they only copied half of the books and now it reads error each time I try to convert again. I …

i think if you want to remove drm from your audio books, you need a professional DRM remove tool, and i will recommend you with Daniusoft Digital Media Converter Pro. this tool have two functions: DRM video crack, DRM audio Crack and extract audio from video that fits all of your conversion demand.and next i will show you how to do this thing, after you download this tool, install and run it on your computer, you can do this. 1: Add files. you need to click “+Add” to add the audio books, and you will find it on the left centre.Step 2: Choose the ouput format. you can choose “Convert audio to” or “Convert video to”. and you can set the path for your new files.Step 3: You can click “Settings” button to custom preference for output files.Click “Settings” button bellow “Convert audio to” list for protected audio filesClick “Settings” button bellow “Convert video to” list for protected video filesStep 4: Start to remove DRM. you need to click “Start” button to start the remove process.wish it can help you to solve your problem.

How do I move the books I bought from my audible app to my new phone.

I had to purchase a new and I was wondering because I have alot of books on audio on my audible app how or If I can move them to my new phone. Thanks guys

It would be easiest just to download them straight from Audible. Download the app on the new phone and authorize it, then you can use the app to select and download the books you want. You can also log in to Audible from your computer and select the option to send the files to your phone. Just make sure the phone is connected to wifi, and plug it in since the download will use a fair amount of power, start the app and let it do its thing.

how do you buy books from

can you buy books from without signing up for one of their plans? and if so how do you? I’m thinking of starting to listen to audio books on my sony mp3 player.also can anyone tell me the steps from start to finish for buying a book without a plan and also with a plan, Is there that much of a…

There’s a free audio short story available by David Sedaris from his new book, “When You Are Engulfed In Flames” -You can get it here: click the orange buttonHe’s REALLY funny. You could probably start with that since it is a free trial and then move on from there if you like it. This is simple – you just add it to your computer, download it and listen. If you like it you will have to sign up for a plan but there’s a 14 day free trial right now 🙂 Good luck!

how can i put audio books on nook color.

need info on how to download these books

The Barnes and Noble database doesn’t have access to audiobooks right now, but you can still get audio books on your nook by downloading them from and then side-loading them to your nook.

Downloading audio books from audible to muvo v100 mp3.

I have a 2gb muvo v100 player. i want to download audio books on it. i went to and downloaded 3 books. then tried to transfer it to my mp3 player. athis message popped up. muvo does not take format 4 on it it accepts formats 2 and 3. i have tried transfering it to windows media player. still no go. any…

Your problem may be with mp4s not being accepted by the muvo? Don’t know exactly for sure. Try this instead. Go to YAKiToMe! ( where you can download an audio book in mp3 format and see if it works OK. At YAKiToMe!, just hover over a link to get pop-up help. At YAKiToMe! you will either need to drag the orange RSS podcast icon onto the nuvo audio player or right-click on the green download arrow to download the mp3 file. Once on your local disk, you can move the mp3 file to the muvo player.

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  2. Kindle purely helps eBooks in its proprietary AZW format. corner, on the different hand, helps the two DRM-secure and DRM-unfastened ebooks in ePub format subsequently it helps ebooks from B&N save, from the different DRM-unfastened source on the cyber web, and from public libraries.

  3. If you’re a member then you can return it – there’s info at

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  7. downlod it again

  8. Once you read a publication you start to see the story the way you want to imagine it not what sort of director wants you to see it

  9. Limewire, but I wouldn’t recommend it, just buy it through iTunes that way Chuck Norris doesn’t get mad, and we all know what happens when Chuck gets mad.

  10. I’ve never tried, but if they are in MP3 format you could download them to the MP3 folder and play them from there. Just know anything you put in the mp3 folder simply plays straight through, so you couldn’t jump around easily

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  12. I feel like my imagination goes in full force while I’m reading verses when I’m listening. When I read I can sit there and ponder the things that I have read and come up with appearances of characters but with an audio book it continues to go. I enjoy listening to them depending on who is reading the book. There can be some dreadfully boring voices and some accents that get annoying. But then again there can be some really good readers that keep your attention and make you excited about the events. I think it is to each their own type of thing. Be sure though before you buy the book off of iTunes to listen to the clip of the reader to see if that could keep your attention

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