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How To Sell Books On Barnes And Noble Marketplace

are there any books publish that teach how to properly ride a speed bicycle.

I am looking for published books that teach one how to properly ride a speed bicycle.If there are none out there, I have always had the idea,knowledge,and experience to write such a helpful book. If there is one of this nature ,please inform me.if not still inform me,as i have had this book in my head for many…

I haven’t seen any books like that for road bikes (speed bikes?) in awhile, but I’m sure there are some out there. There are several of them for mountain bikes, though. I’ll bet if you spend some time searching Barnes & Noble and Amazon you’ll come up with something. Most libraries will have someone help you with a subject/title search like that, too….just ask.I have some old paperbacks that Bicycling magazine published in the late 80’s that were really pretty good….they had a whole series on road bikes, racing, touring, maintenance, nutrition, etc. They’re long out of print, though. Greg LeMond’s book from the 90’s was great, too…..can’t remember the name of it and you’re likely to only find copies of it in a library, but it’s probably still out there too.If you write a good book and can jump through all of the hoops as far as editing, marketing, and publishing are concerned, then it won’t matter if there are other books like it already in print. Someone will want to publish it if it looks like it may sell in the marketplace. If you’re new to the scene, one of the best things you could do would be to take a class at a community college or tech school in Writing for Publication or whatever they’ll name the class. Good luck!

What does a large bookshop, like Borders, do with books that become damaged in the store.

Depends on how they are damaged. If they are shopworn because people have thumbed through them, bent the pages, dirtied a margin or so, or ripped the dust wrapper, Borders or Barnes and Nobles sends them back to the publisher or distributor for credit. Most of the time publishers have to accept such items. If the only problem is the dust wrapper, the books might be rewrappered and shipped again, but most of the time the publisher collects returns without even much examining them and throws them into the remainder pile. After the book has done what it’s going to in the marketplace as a new book, the remainders are sold at a steep discount to squeeze more money from the product.The book business is not like most other businesses in this respect. If a furniture store buys a sofa it owns it. Books, however, since the 1930’s have been returnable in this way. A very few publishers–e. g., Dover Books–sell at a deep discount (63%, e. g.) to stores on the condition that no copies can be returned except for defective books–ones missing pages, bound upside down, and so on. Free urban books to read online

Where or how do you get your college books.

There are many many places to buy your college books. Most schools have their own bookstore that will sell all the books for every class. This is usually the more expensive option but the most convenient. You can usually find your books through on-line sellers such as amazon, barnes & noble,, etc. These are usually cheaper but requires you to know exactly what book you need well before classes start. Many professors place copies on reserve at the library for you to read but not take out. This is your cheapest option but least convenient and not all professors will do this. Also, many students will sell their books to other students after the semester is over. Some schools have facebook groups or other on-line marketplaces to help facilitate this. Textbook rentals are also an option but I have no personal experience with this.

B&N books. Best time or deal.

I have a quick question regarding the store “Barnes and Noble,” and wanted to know if anyone else knew from experience who have also purchased books online as well. When is the best time to get good deals from the marketplaces? Lately I have been checking the prices of some of the books I wanted to get…

I work for B&N and I’ve answered this question many times. When you are buying books on the remember 2 things when it comes to the price. 1-Make sure you are buying it from BN themselves and not an individual seller. Just like on Amazon, individuals can sell their items on our site. So those sellers can sell used books or their “new” books for less. So you need to read the fine print and make sure who you are buying it from. And 2–Although you are buying it from B&N…essentially you are buying it from our vendors. You are buying it from a warehouse and not a store so the price can vary and is often less than in store. All books, each one of them, comes to every books store with the price already printed. B&N has no say over the start price of a book. The price online can change from day to day depending on how much the demand for a book is and how many copies the warehouse has. The more copies they have….the less people are looking for it…usually the price is less. More people asking about it…fewer copies…higher price.Also if the book your looking for is out of print, the cost will be higher.You buying and “it goes to the next highest price” means you aren’t buying from B&N themselves. B&N is just the middle man facilitator. If you are ever in doubt, call a store and ask them the price of a book, they can tell you on the phone the cost of the book in the store and online at the same time…so you can figure out the best deal for you.The price won’t change just because of the new year on any of the books….but, lol, the movies and music will be buy 2 get 1 free after the 3rd. Can’t beat that with a stick.

How do you download stuff to the Nook.

I am planning on getting the Nook Tablet, and I was wondering how the downloading process works if I want to download things from the Barnes and Noble store. Is it like the iPod and iTunes, like can you hook it up to your computer and sync purchases to the Nook? Or is it like the Kindle Fire where you can purchase…

You can hook up your nook tablet to your computer and drag and drop items right on it and it will find them for you, this is especially good for music if your going to move some over. As for books you can do it both ways, wifi or direct.If you buy something online and hook up your nook to wifi you can just sync it and it will get your product. You can shop right on the nook also. Music that you buy your going to have to get via your computer though as well as videos because barnes and noble doesn’t sell videos or music right now.There are some free apps on the nook marketplace but they aren’t many and it sucks that some apps that you would get for free on android devices you have to pay for on the nook, like angry birds. There are not many free apps that are solid.Gift cards can be used for the barnes and noble store, if you have used gift cards on iTunes it is pretty similar, you set up an account with barnes and noble, link your tablet with the account and then add the gift card amount to your account and you are good to go. I have bought plenty of books and magazines like that.

Are there any ways to sell my own, self-created manga (preferably online).

I’ve researched a little bit into the manga publishing world, but I’m not sold on the hope of having a big manga/comic publishing company publish my work for me. I want to create mangas and manga-style art, but this leaves me with a problem of trying to find a place to sell my art once I create it….

HOW TO SELL ORGINAL ARTWORKS:You can sell your orginal artworks on the following websites:1. ArtBreak2. Artid3. ArtQuid4. ArtFire5. BigCartel6. D’Art Fine Art7. Discovered Artists8. Ebay9. Ecrater10. Etsy11. Original Art Online12. Sell-Arts Marketplace13. Storenvy14. Yessy Art Gallery15. Zatista16. ZibbetYou can also get your own website. You can get a FREE one at Weebly site or Blogger site. Sell your art on your own website using a PayPal account. Go to PayPal website and check out the feauture SELL ON YOUR WEBSITE. With this feature, you can add a payment button to your website and accept credit card orders securely. You can also sell your art on Ebay website, just add the Ebay button to your official website like this artist did on her Blogger site, look under each picture TO SELL PRINTS OF YOUR ORIGINAL ARTWORKSMake your original artwork into a DIGITAL IMAGE by using a digital camera to photograph it or using a scanner to scan it. (If you are a Digital Artist, then your artwork is already in digital form). Upload those digital images to these sites to make money, Read question 4 and then scroll down to the bottom to watch the video for more info…

is there a company that will publish my video/DVD and sell it through

I make movies I’d like to sell via the internet. I heard there is an on-line company that will take someone’s movie, add copy protection, and sell it through upon demand. what is the name of the company and what is its web addreess?

You can use Lulu to publish your dvd’s and then sell via Lulu and Amazon, with Lulu you need just to send (or upload) a original and artwork, and they make the copies and print the artwork, and you can also create a online store.http://www.lulu.comLulu is a marketplace for creators of content, so what you see is actually the product of a community that has grown up around Lulu’s electronic publishing technology. We give the creators and owners of digital content complete control over how they use their work. Individuals, companies and groups can use Lulu to publish and sell a variety of digital content including books, music, video, software, calendars, photos and artwork.Lulu offers two fee-based distribution options that will send your book through our unique network in the global marketplace. This network reaches online retailers including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Once you have published your book on Lulu, you will be given the option to purchase one of these mutually-exclusive services for your book.To learn how to sell through Amazon there is also this guide with many useful informations.….

Is legit. Can you really publish your books for free.

How does it work exactly?

Hi there,It is absolutely free to publish and sell works on Lulu and the Lulu Marketplace. Authors set their own price for their works beyond the manufacturing cost and keep up to 90% of the profit whenever their books sell. Authors can opt in or opt out of different premium retail channels like the iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, and with the click of a button. “Dude the Obscure’s” analogy of cable TV vs. the public access channel was true at one point about 10 years ago. Since that time, the publishing industry has rapidly changed and more and more traditionally published authors – and even publishers themselves – are using self-publishing platforms like Lulu to bring their content to market faster, and more profitably than ever before.Hope this helps and best of luck!

Is the barnes and noble marketplace safe.

I am trying to order a book and I’m unsure on whether or not to buy it from the marketplace? Is it safe? Have you used it before and if so how did it go? Also, has anyone ordered from GIANTBOOKSALE before, was it good?

B&N marketplace is private sellers who have something being sold through Barnes & Noble, just like private sellers have books and CDs, and such at Amazon.Private sellers are usually fine, but if the site lets buyers rate them, pay attention to the rating before buying, A good seller will have a 90% or higher rating.

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34 thoughts on “How To Sell Books On Barnes And Noble Marketplace

  1. There are many books about how to properly shift and ride a bike. They are often as a chapter in a repair book.barnes and noble is great for buying books online and in store. i bought at least 5 books for the school semester there.

  2. And then some people may have scholarships where they are required to get their book from the bookstore to use their scholarship.

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  4. Is the barnes and noble marketplace safe?Go to the site publishes your work and you can sell it online you get 80% and lulu gets 20% when you sell something.Go and check it out

  5. RE:I don’t buy often online but when I do I choose either B&N or Actually I bought a lot more from amazon and the third parties who use their website to sell their stuff and always had good experience with them.

  6. Your college e book save often has new and used books on an identical value you will locate everywhere else – you’re waiting to locate somewhat extra low priced expenditures on particular books, yet you’re able to be careful to locate the astonishing version of the text fabric. you are able to seek on line at sites like Varsitybooks, Ebay, Craig’s checklist, and so on, yet your college bookshop could no longer tear you off.

  7. i always use because they usually give you an amount that you’re guaranteed to receive if you sell it back, and the books on there are loads cheaper than the book store and cheaper than most other textbook sites.

  8. You can find all the book information at the college book store. Then you can either buy it there (support the store) or buy it online from,,

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  10. At college or and eBay or those type of web sites good luck

  11. I buy from Amazon and Ebay, the seller does not get your card details it stays within the company so I shouldn’t be worried.

  12. Tess, After contacting and getting illustration from a literary agent, you would be mentioned on which valid writer the agent herself/himself boost into wide-unfold by skill of. The writer will then attempt to determine how far your artwork will bypass on the open industry. If it quite is a few thing the generally used public is actual searching for and into recently, you will settle for an boost of money. it quite relies the quantity of money the writer believes your e book will rake in and that they’ll make on it. a settlement would be drawn up previous to the author receiving something from the writer. The literary agent and the author will get carry of an identical quantity of the commonplace 15% royalties. PJ M

  13. Lulu is not in any sense a “publisher.” It’s a print-on-demand service.I usually get an older edition of the book on unless it’s crucial for my post-graduate studies…then I get the real thing in the campus bookstore.

  14. Lately, I wait until the first day of class so I’ll know what I need, and then when I have time, buy my books and supplies at the bookstore.

  15. If so yes, they are reputable.Well, it’s not free. They take their profit only when you sell a copy. Same with Amazon (kindle at least). So, you don’t pay upfront. It’s print on demand, so it makes it easier to charge you when you sell a copy because they don’t print the book unless someone buys it.

  16. B&n Marketplace

  17. I get my textbooks at the college bookstore or Amazon.

  18. Some courses actually do require the new edition. I mean, think about how much a science textbook can be updated in a year (and science is not like English or History that stay basically the same).

  19. Individual damaged books are either binned or recycled. If a large quantity of books arrive damaged, then they get shipped back to the supplier.

  20. – buy the books at least 2 weeks in advance, unless you don’t mind paying for shippingIn addition to helping you sell your DVD via they will also provide On-Demand downloads of your movies for folks who don’t want a DVD.

  21. If we were talking about TV, real publishers would be real networks and cable services like NBC and HBO, while Lulu would be like the community-access channel that nobody watches.

  22. Book sellers are usually on a sale or return so its usually not too much of an issue

  23. I will give You A Step By Step Video Guide That Reveals Simple Methods To Earn From Publishing Your Own Physical Books for $5- make sure you know what you need

  24. If buying from Amazon:

  25. You may also find much information to optimize your riding skills in the many cycling magazines on an ongoing basis.

  26. I am trying to order a book and I’m unsure on whether or not to buy it from the marketplace? Is it safe? Have you used it before and if so how did it go? Also, has anyone ordered from GIANTBOOKSALE before, was it good?

  27. They normally send them back to the Publisher as they are not allowed to sell damaged books, most books have a page at the begining that forbids the selling of damaged or defaced books

  28. there are probably lots of companies that do that – google it – don’t expect to get rich

  29. I have never heard of giantbooksale.

  30. This Site Might Help You.College bookstores usually have at least a few used copies, you know. They’re fully aware students aren’t going to pay full price for new books if they don’t absolutely have to.

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