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Best How To Cook Books

How to become a better cook.

I’m a senior in high school and I’m really thinking of leaving my cooking class, my group that was in told me in my face they don’t want me anymore because I’m kinda slow at getting everything ready. So today I was in a new group and they didn’t want me either -.– one of the people I was with…

Practice.Before you start to cook something you preheat your oven,get the pots/pans you need. And Mise en Place. Which is french for ‘putting into place’. Get everything you need before you start chopping,mixing and what not. All the ingredients you need. So you’re not running around the kitchen looking for something like a mad man or a chicken with no head lol..Also,did I mention practice? I wasn’t kidding. Cook at home. Bake at home. Browse through cook books. Get use to it. Learn how to Multi-task.It’s never easy at first,but it gets better if you put forth the [email protected] SLAYER – Some of the finest chefs in history and even in modern times are male.I’m sure you’ve heard of Wolfgang Puck,Mario Batali,Anthony Bourdain,Gordon Ramsay,..just to name a few. I assure you. There are no flowers on their aprons.

whats a good cooking book.

i’m looking for a super easy to follow cook book. with easy instructions and pictures. would you guys happen to know of a good one? i have no experience with cooking whats so ever so i’m very new to it.

Although the Cooks Illustrated is a good cookbook/magazine, I think some of their techniques are for people who already have a good grasp of cooking. I suggest the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook or a book called “The I Don’t Know How to Cook” cook book. The link for the Don’t know how to cook book is provided at the bottom! Good luck! Free audio books reddit

What’s a good book to start learning how to cook.


Girls did ur mother teach you how to cook, sew, balance ur bank book well, to be very independent.

I’m not a girl but I can tell you that my mom never taught my sister how to do any of those things…and especially not how to cook because my sister is a worse cook than I am and her husband isn’t much better than she is!

Cooking recipe.

i do not know how to cook very well. please may you show me the method of recipe cooking of book? because my husband likes beating me always becoz of bad cookin? lol!!! i am shame!!!

Buy a cook book for beginners and start cooking. The more you cook the better you will get.

does anyone know a how to cook book.

Does anyone know a simple,easy and good how to cook book with pictures?I need a basic cooking book how to fry a hamburger,how to cook fish etc! in very simple terms and easy illustrations.Can someone point me in the right direction.I am not looking for a recipe book only a how to cook book.

The most complete cookbook you will ever need would be the Joy of Cooking. If you want photos, try the Betty Crocker Cookbook, it’s really basic and a must have for anyone who is interested in the home sciences. It’s ring bound and pretty complete. Joy of Cooking will teach you the basics of everything you’d ever need to know to cook almost anything, highly recommended! The Better Homes cookbook is also nice. Cooking takes a little practice, but it’s so easy and it’s really rewarding (and costs less than restaurants and the quality is better!).Also you might try looking at easy recipes at Do a search for what you’d like to cook and enter the word easy in the search terms.

Best Book for Learning how to cook organic.

You really don’t need a book to cook organic. =) Simply use only organic certified ingredients.

best way to learn how to cook.

The best way to learn how to cook, in 4 easy steps, is this:1. Get a cook book;2. Make up a menu with different sorts of food you might like, from that cook book;3. Go to supermarket and buy the ingredients of your chosen menu;4. Enter the kitchen and follow the book’s instructions.It’s that simple. It might not work the best at your first try, but you will definitely improve on your second one!This is the way I learned how to cook.Good luck! 😉

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55 thoughts on “Best How To Cook Books

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  2. Regards

  3. # Mix butter with oregano, Mrs. Dash, Pepper & Salt. Gently lift skin and add 1/4 butter mixture, spread evenly under skin, use another 1/3 of the mixture to coat underside and tender side of chicken breast. Repeat with second breast.Take a couple of chicken thighs or pork chops

  4. Use fresh ingredients wherever possible and keep it simple.

  5. why take a cooking class? when thats womans work.and you will find a wife who can cook. did’nt they have auto mechanics or ag class. something manly, cooking really thats just wrong.

  6. not be ashamed. A child who first learns to walk is not ashamed. Everything in our path on this earth is about learning new things. This is just one more “new step” for you. As you start, there will be mistakes (like the child falling down). But just keep trying and you’ll be surprised how much you blossom into a wonderful cook.No, my mother was a meth addict. I taught myself all of those things. ◕‿◕

  7. Betty Crocker Cookbook: Everything You Need to Know to Cook Today, 10th EditionI learned how to cook by taking the tips from watching cooking shows and then trying it out on my own. Now when I make something, it usually comes out good because I know the basics and what works well together. Cook with a friend who knows how to cook.

  8. Spend time in the kitchen with a friend or family member helping out & observing if possible1 teaspoon Mrs. Dash garlic & Herb SeasoningI have had difficulty finding such a thing as even books claiming that they simple have complex recipes. A person who develops a Cooking for Dummies or Cooking for Guys will make a fortune.

  9. my favorite is “americas test kithen”-it has step by step illus.,however its even easier to google”free illustrated recipes”

  10. Just practice, read cookbooks, and.try recipes out on your parents, maybe even cook dinner for the family.If you have a kitchen supply store near you, check to see if they offer cooking classes. Some offer classes that aren’t too expensive.

  11. There is a very good cookbook out there that you may be able to purchase for a very low price at It is called The Settlement Cookbook. It was given to new Immigrants who came through Ellis Island (that is no longer done). It told the new immigrants all about the foods of America and how to prepare them. It is made for people who have never cooked so it should be able to teach you very simple methods to start your path of cooking. If you are interested in cooking food from another country, please let us know so we can help you with that as well. If you are not in the “States” then you may have supplies that are not available here or vice versa.go to barnes and nobles and get a red and white checkered cookbook by better homes and gardens. They are the best, and they have great instructions, plus they come in foreign languages too!!

  12. huh ? what nonsense.. i don’t know any of those stuffs yet ( except cooking).. And my MOM would never teach me those.. I will learn it myself..

  13. 2 tablespoons butter, room temperature…

  14. I have a Betty Crocker Cookbook which I just love. It has all kinds of food and very easy instructions. I also like that if I want to change the recipe a little it still works. There are also pages dedicated to different cuts of meat, all kinds of spices, measurements etc. It is definitely a must have cookbook.

  15. working in the kitchen w/ someone who knows how, and learning from them as you go along.

  16. Thank you for your question.I did it by watching Food Network, honestly! I learned all kinds of tricks of the trade, how to make my own sauces, gravies, how to morph meals and stretch my grocery dollars while controlling sodium, chloresterol, fat and calories. I started by watching Robin Miller, Rachel Ray, and the non-chefs because their recipes were easier to follow and needed few expensive ingredients. I would look ahead on the website for the schedule, recipes I wanted to try and print out the recipes, watch or record the show while following along with the host. I rarely messed up a meal and gained quite a repetoire of meals I can make without using many expensive pre-packaged foods, but still taking a little help from the grocery store.

  17. I dont think you can get better in one night but if you practise for a few weeks cooking dinner and other stuff there will be signs of improvement.

  18. Start with something easy that you like. Do a search for the dish. Pick a recipe that has easy instructions to start. Start by only making one or two servings, so if you don’t like how it came out, you haven’t wasted too much money. Taste as you go to make sure you like what you’re cooking. (Make sure you don’t taste anything that has raw or undercooked meat, poultry or fish. Let them cook through. If you’re making something like a meatloaf, pinch off a bit of meat and cook it in a skillet before tasting.) Remember, you can always add seasoning, it’s hard to take them out.

  19. I don’t have any book to share but here are some online recipes that you can refer to

  20. Read over the assignment before class, like the night before, if possible. You might want to cook whatever is on the assignment the night before also.

  21. And remember, some of the best loved dishes in the world came from someone screwing up dinner!

  22. 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

  23. My first boyfriend taught me how to cook (he was a chef), I taught myself to sew, now what’s this fairytale about balancing a bank book??? I can restore furniture and do simple joinery, I do consider myself independent 🙂 My mother, much as I do love her, provided more of a negative example in many ways, although she did teach me how to knit and fostered a love of good books.

  24. Yup but I wasn’t listening….hehehe.

  25. Find you a granny somewhere that will allow you to cook with her, and let her tutor you.

  26. Get together with your teammates and discuss what you are going to prepare and share the tasks.

  27. She taught me how to cook but I learned on my own how to balance my checkbook and be independent.

  28. How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman is a good one. The previous suggestions were also right on the mark.

  29. You might want to have a look at this student website.

  30. There are many really good web sites out there with great recipes. Some are easy, some difficult. Sites like Recipezaar are full of recipes posted by real people. Some of these sites also have videos that show you exactly how to make a dish. Many of them have comments that can be very helpful.

  31. First of all, I am so sorry to hear that nobody wants you in their cooking class. Step 1. Ask questions if you don’t understand something! Do you think Bobby Flay just walked in and immediately knew the difference between an omlette and a creme brulee? Just have fun and ignore everyone who wrongs you because, my friend, you could become the next food network star and everyone who ever wronged you would be eating out the palm of your hand.

  32. Google it!!!!!

  33. You can’t “cook” organic. You can only purchase or grow organic foods. They don’t change to organic or non-organic through the cooking process. If all your ingredients are organic, then the entire dish is organic (but very costly).

  34. by Elizabeth Ann Schneider

  35. Keep cooking. The more you cook, the better you are. Don’t be afraid to fail, it’s often your failures that will teach you about cooking. Don’t be in too much of a rush when you’re cooking, that’s when you tend to miss steps and forget things. And keep following recipes for a while — when you make a lot of food that turns out well, you’ll figure out what goes well together and how to experiment. And use the best ingredients that you can.

  36. Working the Plate: The Art of Food Presentation by Christopher StylerDifficult to answer here…find a friend or someone who is a good cook near you for some pointers and help!

  37. # Place chicken in glass baking dish, lightly coat with olive oil. Place in oven cook uncovered 20 minutes.What is the teacher doing that she/he allows the others to kick you out of their group? Everyone works at their own speed and this is a part of life that others have to learn to deal with.

  38. Olive Oilyou should get basic but a good cookbook like Jamie Oliver happy days with the naked chef and teen cook

  39. Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini: The Essential Reference

  40. I purchased a book on called “i dont know how to cook” and it has done wonders!

  41. is a great site for easy recipesI used to screw up hamburger helper, seriously….and that was only a month ago. Now I cooked all of Thanksgiving dinner by myself and had fun doing it!G’day Answerthequestion,I have never had to cook before until I got married and I had to literally “wing it” until I figured it out.1/2 teaspoon pepper# Preheat oven 425 degrees. Remove any excess fat from chicken, set aside.Open a can of cream of mushroom soup – undilutedWell im barely qoinq to be 14 nxt month, but no. I tauqht myself how to cook for the most part, but she did teach me how to cook a few thinqs(: balance bank book? I dont even have a bank account XD be independent, i tauqht myself thatt too, i mean, when yuhr dads been in jail since youh were 7 nd yuhr mom was 7 months preqnant, once sje had my brother nd started workinq aqain, i sorta had to teach myself how to be independent, and take care of my little brother often, wether at home or at a babysitters. I could live by myself for 1 week riqht now(lonqer if i had money, which i dont since i dont work,) take me nd my brother to school, pick him up, and feed both of us with the food we have. My mom actually says im TOO independent for my aqe nd have been since i was 9, but in the lonq run, its a qood thinq(:

  42. When i wanted to become a cook it took me a while to learn how to cook. it will take about 4 months to be a cook just if you learn by yourself. when you first start out cooking it will take a while for you to learn how to cooking something because you have to cooking something once try it and say hey i can cook this. Now try not to stress yourself out while in your group just say hey i need a little time just to make sure that what is being cooked will come out perfect. if u want to leave the class then that’s your choice but you should continue cooking by yourself. remember that no one should judge you on how you cook.

  43. Mom and Me Cookbook by Annabel KarmelIn not knowing what kind of recipe you would like, here is a very simple one.Once you get the hang of, things go a lot smoother and easier. The oven does most of the work, but crock pots are amazing too! 🙂

  44. Happy Cooking!

  45. Herb Roasted Chicken Breast is moist and tender.She’s tried, I just don’t do it very well.

  46. also, has a search engine where you can search by difficulty and type of dish (breakfast, main course, dessert, etc), all of the recipes are rated too, so you are sure to pick a good one each time

  47. Easy grilling recipes on my site can be found at:Im actually a girl with a male avatar, so I shall answer your question. For starters, I am not that independant, I don’t know how to cook, sew or any of that stuff.

  48. Start off easy & practice, practice, practice!

  49. # Lower oven temperature to 350 degrees, cook 15 minutes. Remove from oven, tent with foil, rest 10 minutes.Look up Cooks Illustrated. They have a tv show on PBS called America’s Test Kitchens. They take recipes and tweek them 98 ways from Sunday to come up with a foolproof good recipe. If you are new to cooking, they are a good resource. not only do they have great recipes, but they explain why they do what they did. Which will teach you technique. Look up Cooks Illustrated,

  50. Satisify You and Me by Brianna Martini1 teaspoon oreganoLearn some basics like roasting and grilling. I always recommend picking your favorite food and go from there. If you like chicken, find a simple recipe like Herb Roasted Chicken breast, make that add a baked potato to the meal and a simple salad or veggie of choice. When you feel good about making a meal or a dish, you will want to learn more recipes. Here is my simple recipe for chicken breast:Put the ingredients of the can in a pot. Stir in just a little water (maybe 1/2 can). Add some black pepper, a bay leaf if you have it (if you don’t have it, don’t worry about it), and put the chicken or pork chops into the soup mix. Add a little more water if there isn’t enough water and soup mix to cover the chops/chicken. Turn on the burner to medium, bring the mixture to a boil, turn the heat down and simmer (means little bubbles on occasion in the pot – not big bubbles all the time). Cover the pot and cook for 20 minutes. If you are using frozen chicken or pork, do the same but increase the cooking time to 30 minutes. It will be very tender. Serve with rice or mashed potatoes. For the mashed potatoes, take a baking potato, wash it off, put it in a pan with water to cover it. Bring to a boil on medium and cook it for 15 minutes. Test it with a fork – the fork should be able to go into the potato easily – if it’s hard to poke, cook a little longer – check it every 10 minutes until it goes in easily but not really soft or it will be mushy. Once the potato is done, drain it, pick it up with a hot pad and peel off the skin. Mash the potato with a potato masher or strong fork. Add some butter and beat it in. Add some milk and beat until it is the right consistency. Too much milk makes it more like pudding. Not enough makes it like a blob. Add a little black pepper and mix it it. Place a scoop of the potato in a bowl. Place the pork chop or chicken piece next to it in the bowl. Pour the soup over both. Serve.

  51. Take one dish at a time and try to master it. If you are at home cook for your family. There are many simple meat dishes, salad dishes, pasta dishes and dessert you can make and cannot go wrong. I find using fresh herbs accelerates the flavour and taste in dishes. And most of all do not let people push you and bully you. Take and good luck.

  52. 2 – 16 to 24 oz bone-in chicken breastThese are a few titles,

  53. The best way to learn is to play around in your kitchen, and mess around with recipes until you get the hang of it.Learn the basics, experiment, and use all of your senses while you cook.

  54. Always prepare your utensils before hand, always preheat the oven, stove, fryer or whatever your using to cook. DONT over season foods, only use one variation of seasons(example: you have garlic powder and garlic salt, only use one and you already used salt or another salt product, like sea salt or seasoning salt, then use the powder. This goes for every seasoning. When your close to finishing a boiled, fried, or pan seared food do not turn it off, always lower it to a simmer or lowest possible setting to keep warm and stir or move it to keep from sticking. When baking pastries and sweets bake it 5-10 minutes less than intended or indicated because it will continue to cook when you take it out the oven. Also always grease butter your skillet, pan, baking dish, and even non-stick items for easy removal. As for the moving slow problem the early preparation and maybe a faster step should help. If you practice this enough you will become noticeably better within a week. Hope this helps.

  55. Pasta by Lorenz Books Publishing

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