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How Many Books Did Cs Lewis Wrote

Do you know the story of C.S. Lewis.

His mother was dying of some horrible disease (I believe cancer) and he prayed every single night for God to heal her. But she did die, and after she died, his father withdrew into his own little world and didn’t take very good care of him.Lewis couldn’t figure out why “God” would allow such a horrible thing to...

If he prayed to Christian god at the start of your story, he was a Christian to begin with. A lot of Christians go through an angry/disappointed phase when their god “doesn’t give them a pony”, so to speak. They often return to Christianity later in life when something else they can’t explain happens or something which gives them that warm fuzzy feeling again.And then they write books about how they were atheist and unhappy and bitter, when all they were was an angry Christian in denial. When asked, they often don’t have the first clue about atheism.

How do I write a medieval story.

I’m a writer (newer writer) and have always wanted to write a medieval story. I just don’t know where to begin researching. Any good sites for the dialect (the way they spoke) of medieval times? Or good history? Any good in-depth site/advice for Medieval times? I want to make it sound realistic enough to…

To write a real medieval story, it sounds like you’d need to do months if not years of research to avoid upsetting the hardcore medievalists with inaccuracies. But some good starting points are the booksThe History of Private Life Vol. II,…Daily Life in Medieval Times (or actually any books by Joseph and Frances Gies),…Daily Life in Medieval Europe,…As for your other question, the rank of nobility as far as medieval English titles, goes, if memory serves me right:King/QueenDuke/DuchessEarl/CountessViscount/ViscountessBaron/BaronessKnightSquireThe above was taken from: I know for a fact that C S Lewis was a massive Medieval nut! ;D The Discarded Image is AN AMAZING book that totally gets you into the medival mind set.& here are two major features of Medieval Literature:Word order Medieval scribes are much less likely to invert the word order of Latin texts than the writers of classical Latin (relative to modern usage). The ancient writers placed Latin words in order of their emphasis, whereas medieval and modern writers are much more likely to use the subject-verb-object word-ordering of modern languages. For this reason, it will often be preferable to TURN OFF the Subject Verb Object (SVOE) re-ordering routines from Blitz Latin with non-classical texts.Poor spelling Medieval words pose something of a dilemma to the dictionary compiler. On the one hand the scribe may have mis-spelled existing words. On the other hand, in the days before dictionaries two unconnected scribes may have constructed the same compound Latin word but used it for different purposes. There is also the practical problem that many medieval English terms have fallen out of modern common English usage; for example ‘socage’. Indeed, the large majority of the new medieval Latin words derive from medieval law or ecclesiastical use. Where possible we have provided an additional expanded meaning for obscure medieval English terms, but the user of Blitz Latin who is not a native English speaker may well need to refer to a very detailed English dictionary as well.Plus here is a good website that gives you a brief history of the middle ages: hope this helps – good luck with your book 😀 x Free urban books

I’m writing a book series, how many books should my fantasy series have.

Is 6 books too many books in a fantasy series? Should I focus on more content in a trilogy or stretch out the story to 5 or more books? What type of series of fantasy do you like (many books in a series or just 2 books/trilogy)?

A trilogy is always three linked together and in this instance it would be three books. The beginning book with the hook at the end, the middle book leading up to the major decision or decisions and the final book – the finale or final choice the central character makes.It is really tough to do more than that as by book 4 or 5 you will be repeating a lot of things and it is difficult to engage a reader into wanting to hear more and more about the characters in the book. The Chronicles of Narnia managed to create seven books but it followed the four main characters as they grew which made sense at the end. These fantasy books written for children were written by C.S. Lewis between 1949 and 1954, and they fit at that time with the publisher of the day. I don’t know if there is as much room today for that many books written. Mediums like twitter and facebook drive the want for more. I think the book publishing climate is slowly changing and publishers may be relying more on instant public comment. It use to be that it would take a book critique or two before you knew and now it is immediate. My thought is strive for three and see where that takes you.

help with kids book quiz……….please.. xx.

what is the name of the dog in peter pan??who are ann, julian, dick and their dog??which war did nina bawden write about??where did cs lewis’s wardrobe lead to??who wrote demon headmaster stories??who wrote paddington bear stories??who wrote the very hungry caterpilar??how many ugly…

what is the name of the dog in peter pan?? NANAwho are ann, julian, dick and their dog?? THE FAMOUS FIVEwhich war did nina bawden write about?? WORLD WAR IIwhere did cs lewis’s wardrobe lead to?? NARNIAwho wrote demon headmaster stories?? GILLIAN CROSSwho wrote paddington bear stories?? MICHAEL BONDwho wrote the very hungry caterpilar?? ERIC CARLEhow many ugly sisters did cinderella have?? 2, ANASTASIA AND DRIZZELLAHope this helps!

The Books of C.S. Lewis.

Just wanted to know what some of you think of him and his writings? I personally think he is an awesome writer and states a lot of valid points in his writings. Although a lot of his stuff I have to read over and over to understand it’s totally worth. I love how he’s not like the average christian who…

I appreciate the imagination he brings to his works, but, although they’re sometimes exciting and interesting, I find his novels fairly irritating. I feel that the tone of his work is rather patronizing and I have the same objection Tolkein had to the inclusions of characters from a variety of mythologies in the Narnia books (the inclusion of Father Christmas is particularly obnoxious) – it’s cheap.For myself, I find the overt Christian agenda and didacticism a bit boring, frankly, but it really didn’t bother me until I read the novels to my son. All too often, I had to stop and explain why I disagreed with what Lewis said in the book and discuss why I found the morality he preached to be inadequate and incorrect. I feel that it’s good to discuss moral questions with your child, and as a conversation-starter on the subject of moral choices it was fine, but it certainly interrupted the narrative flow and made reading the books to him a rather disappointing exercise. We had more fun reading the Harry Potter books – and honestly, there’s better writing, more imagination, more excitement, more interest, and more real beauty in the Lord of the Rings.

How many siblings did Lewis Carroll have.

I was just wondering, b/c I have to write a research paper on him, and his book, Alice.So…two websites are saying he had seven sisters, and four brothers.Then another’s saying he had nine sisters, and two brothers…which is correct?(:

Charles “Lewis” Carroll had 10 siblings (family of 11 children). They included seven girls and four boys.Frances Jane (Fanny), 1828-1903Elizabeth Lucy, 1830-1916Caroline Hume, 1833-1904Mary Charlotte, 1835-1911Skeffington Hume, 1836-1919Wilfred Longley, 1838-1914Louisa Fletcher, 1840-1930Margaret Anne Ashley, 1841-1915Henrietta Harington, 1843-1922Edwin Heron, 1846-1918

Does Susan Pevensie represent C.S. Lewis.

In the final Narnia book (The Last Battle), Susan stopped believing in Narnia in favor of materialism and vanity, and her family and friends died in a train accident and went to Aslan’s Country (Narnia heaven).CS Lewis was in WW1 and he had 4 friends in the battle, all of them died and he was the only…

Susan was made to represent those of this world that know there is a ‘higher power’ (i.e. God) but chooses not to accept and believe in Him. She did not die in the accident, not as a way to keep her from the real Narnia, but as a way to give her more time in which to choose the right path. She had chosen to focus her efforts on beauty and parties instead of what is really important.In his Companion to Narnia, Paul F. Ford writes at the end of the entry for Susan Pevensie that “Susan’s is one of the most important Unfinished Tales of The Chronicles of Narnia”, but adds in Footnote 1 for that entry:. This is not to say, as some critics have maintained, that she is lost forever … It. is a mistake to think that Susan was killed in the railway accident at the end of. The Last Battle and that she has forever fallen from grace. It is to be assumed,. rather, that as a woman of twenty-one who has just lost her entire family in a. terrible crash, she will have much to work through; in the process, she might. change to become truly the gentle person she has the potential for being.This is not to say that Susan was or was not a representation of himself, but I honestly do not think that was his intentions when writing about Susan in the later books and in “The Last Battle”. I think that there are many people that struggle with that and Lewis’ intentions were to make her a representation of the ‘type’ of person, not a female version of himself.

how many books did c.s. lewis write. it seems like alot..

39 nonfiction works if you count the collections of his letter4 poetry anthologies17 fiction worksHe also edited some works

How many books did cs lewis write…

I need to know, asap, for a speech.


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  1. Medieval Manor

  2. This appears like a quote from his e book “Mere Christianity” in case you examine the completed e book he’s making the case that Jesus is in truth God the Son 2d member of the trinity examine the completed e book that is solid. that is depending on the actual undeniable truth that even those who do no longer have self assurance that there is a God nevertheless keep on with the guidelines of God. Rom 2:14-15 KJV For at the same time as the Gentiles, which have not the regulation, do with the help of nature the failings contained contained in the regulation, those, having no longer the regulation, are a regulation unto themselves: (15) Which shew the paintings of the regulation written of their hearts, their judgment of suited and incorrect also bearing witness, and their thoughts the recommend at the same time as accusing in the different case excusing one yet another;)

  3. the wardrobe leads to narnia (good books- good reads!)I’m somewhere between Magus (Wizard Trainee) and Ellie. As a kid I loved his books. I thought the Space trilogy was the Bomb and the Great Divorce very profound. Then I discovered Gnosticism and other esoteric philosophies, and realized 1. there is a lot of esotericism in his books, including the concept that Knowledge of Christ is perhaps more important than Faith (in direct contradiction to traditional teachings) and 2. He seemed to be rediscovering a lot of what Origen denounced as an “abyss of madness and heresy” and Plotinius, who wasn’t even a Christian, just denounced. Blake was a Swedenborgian. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is an esoteric book in the best possible sense (and there are good senses) and there is some good esoteric literature but there is also a LOT of material which justifies Origen’s and Plotinius’s fulmination. And especially with Lewis’s lack of esoteric training I get the strong feeling most of his books have more in common with the latter than the former (althouugh to be fair, he only discussed a non-orthodox sexual theory in the story Ministering Angels, which was never intended to represent his own views on sexuality.(These are the topics on this website) :The Farming Yearcinderella had two ugly step-stisters (come on!)

  4. Oh, and did you read the story about CS Lewis’ public debate with an Atheist? Lewis lost dismally and never wrote Christian apologetics again.

  5. Personally, I enjoy shorter series but with exceptions of course. The Harry Potter books were wonderful!

  6. HousesTips on the speaking parts:however many books it takes to tell the story. You want to include detail, you want to build tension, create characters and build a plot. So whether it takes 2 books, or 7 it doesn’t really matter, just finifh the story.

  7. Along with George, the characters in the “Famous Five” series of books by Enid Blyton.Hope this helps!

  8. It would be incredibly difficult to write in their dialects. We are looking at Middle English in my Language class at the moment and so much of it seems alien (they used the word ‘deer’ to mean ‘all meat’ at one point for example).

  9.…Attacking and Defending a CastleThis website will give you information on pretty much EVERYTHING:Incidentally, your little “God wants to preserve us and bring us through the bad things in our lives. God is not evil, but evil does happen, and God wants to comfort us and carry us through those times. But, of course, that required faith and trust”? That’s nonsense. Abject nonsense.

  10. J.K. Rowling had 7, Twilight author had 4, try anywhere between 4-7 books.

  11. There isn’t any limit on it really. I mean look at Anne McCaffrey’s books about the dragons of Pern. She’s written tons, while some series only go to three or four books like the eragon books and the twilight series. Just write as many as you think you should. A word of advice though, make sure you don’t cram too much into one book. You don’t have to make it a trilogy if its too much to fit in three books. space it out as much as you need to.Eric Carle

  12. Michael Bond

  13. People often convert to Christianity because it provides a crutch to help them deal with personal issues (death of a loved one, drugs, alcohol, sex). That does not mean the conversion is illogical. What is illogical is when Christians claim to know the ultimate truth in the universe – but can’t even explain away some simple logical contradictions in the Bible.I like fantasy stories like Harry Potter and Twilight.

  14. I don’t know the answers to your question but I once saw a PBS special about C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud. It discussed each of their lives and how Lewis was drawn to Christianity due to his introspection and intelligence and Freud was an atheist due to his own exploration of human existence.

  15. the dog is peter pan is named “nana”I’d say four or five books would be good amount. I wouldn’t keep reading if it was more then five, even if I liked the series, that’s just the way I am. But, if you only have two you books might be to crowded, so space it out by having more books.

  16. Ideal Town Site”Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis.

  17. Lewis was a close friend of J. R. R. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the Rings. Both authors were leading figures in the English faculty at Oxford University and in the informal Oxford literary group known as the “Inklings”. According to his memoir Surprised by Joy, Lewis had been baptised in the Church of Ireland at birth, but fell away from his faith during his adolescence. Owing to the influence of Tolkien and other friends, at about the age of 30, Lewis returned to Christianity, becoming “a very ordinary layman of the Church of England”. His conversion had a profound effect on his work, and his wartime radio broadcasts on the subject of Christianity brought him wide acclaim.

  18. Mere Christianity “As any reputable historian can attest, movements and institutions have a way of changing over time, sometimes within one generation, so that they are almost unrecognizable to later observers. Historic, orthodox Christianity, on the other hand, has maintained an identity and continuity at its core for nearly two thousand years. That core of faith and practice, of doctrine and deed, has been dubbed by one of its most articulate twentieth century adherents, C. S. Lewis, as “Mere Christianity.” It is the common ground on which traditional Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Protestant believers stand. Despite centuries of passionate differences among themselves, the wonder is how much they share with each other and with the first century Christianity of the New Testament.”

  19. actual attempt Tamora Pierce books. She’s written various mini-sequence waiting interior the same worldwide. Alanna: the first journey, contained in the hands of the Goddess, the female Who Rides Like a guy, and Lioness Rampant are the books contained in the first mini-sequence. Holly Black’s cutting-aspect fairy tale sequence initiating with Tithe appears to be like something you wish. Libba Bray’s sequence starting off with an outstanding and poor elegance is splendidly creepy and spell binding. you should attempt it! something by Diana Wynne Jones is certain to be a really sturdy e book. i information attempting hearth and Hemlock or Howl’s transferring citadel first. maximum of her sequence are particularly small yet she’s written a lot of books, it truly is very nearly like a chain! The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley is a fantasy classic and an outstanding e book. She’s written a collection of others, too, that I also recommend. Her vampire novel, Sunshine, exhibits somewhat diverse vampires from Twilight besides the undeniable fact that it really is nonetheless sturdy. Garth Nix’s old Kingdom trilogy is mind-blowing! It starts off with Sabriel and is going to Lirael and then Abhorsen. actual attempt those! i wish this helps you!

  20. He was irish, need I say more?

  21. Today I consider him an excellent (not great) writer with a confused philosophy. Gurdjieff and the Sufis in particular present a strong challenge to him.

  22. I would say continue your series until it should logically come to an end! If you put a cap on how much you are going to write, it could limit the depth you go into the story.

  23. who are ann, julian, dick and their dog??

  24. who wrote the very hungry caterpilar??

  25. I think he is great i have read all his narnia series and the screwtape letters haven’t read the rest. he was an agnostic but gradually brought back to the faith through friends such as JRR Tolkien ( writer of books such as the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings) Tolkien and the others of his circle soon became known as the Inklings because they were all writers, he died on the same day as JFK in 1963 I like him because of the wonderful imagery he used and the way he used legendary creatures in his stories much like JK Rowling does today she has named him as an influence on her writing,

  26. Clothing

  27. C.S. Lewis was a very remarkable person.obviously he had an experience that swollowed up his questions and bad experiences and turned him into another direction, which gave him meaning and inspired an new story.

  28. Lewis’s works have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold millions of copies over the years. The books that comprise The Chronicles of Narnia have sold the most and have been popularised on stage, in TV, in radio, and in cinema.which war did nina bawden write about??

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  30. how many ugly sisters did cinderella have??[/DELDUP][DELDUP()]don’t have all of them but here are a fewStart with Wikipedia and use the mentioned sources on there.

  31. Crime and Punishment

  32. Lewis Carroll Siblings

  33. Feudal SystemLewis died following a heart attack, one week before what would have been his 65th birthday. Media coverage of his death was minimal, as he died on 22 November 1963 – the same day that President Kennedy of the United States of America was assassinated.

  34. who wrote demon headmaster stories??C.S Lewis believed that when the ancients spoke of magic that it was advanced alien technology.

  35. Personally though, i dont mind reading trilogies or a series that goes on for 7 books or more. But i eventually got tired of the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey, so just don’t make it THAT long.what is the name of the dog in peter pan??Personally, I have no idea how he became a believer. Nothing illogical about his conversion? EVERY conversion is by its very nature illogical.

  36. What is illogical is that Christians believe that they cannot be wrong, even when they are proven wrong.

  37. He was a spiteful fellow, who did little to hide his hatred of nonbelievers.where did cs lewis’s wardrobe lead to??

  38. Nanawho wrote paddington bear stories??World War II…Two ugly step sisters.

  39. three sounds good to me…..although Harry Potter is 7 and i love them….i guess you shouldn’t stuff too much in one….whatever you really want

  40. From the horses mouth, his story.

  41. Types of Castle

  42. He had 10 siblings. Hope that helped. 🙂

  43. If you are interested in CS Lewis’ conversion read

  44. Hope these help. Good luck with your story!

  45. research….a lot

  46. NarniaGillian Cross

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