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How To Upload Books To Google Play

Can I Transfer a Book From a Samsung Galaxy S3 to a Kindle Fire HD.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and a Kindle Fire HD. I bought The Hunger Games on my Android/Samsung Galaxy S3… can I transfer The Hunger games from my Samsung to my Kindle Fire HD? Is that possible at all?

how did you buy it on your Galaxy S III?if you bought it in the Kindle Store app, just load that profie into your Kindle Fire HDif you bought it in the Play Store, you would need to Root your Kindle Fire HD to have access to it, or just log into the web version of Google Play, then you can access any books you purchased.

How do I trouble shoot yahoo music.

none of my yahoo music shared on face book will upload to play.What can be done to fix this problem?

My first stop would be wikipedia or google for a quick reference. I actually had a similar question not even 5 days ago, but I couldn’t find the answer. If it’s possible, try getting help from someone with more knowledge/experience/expertise, like a professional if it’s possible. This can be pretty important.I saw a forum with this online, but I didn’t have time to read it all. Try checking it out. I want to help out more, but I’m not 100% sure about the answer. Sorry I’m not much help. I hope you found your answer! Good luck! JS

Free mystery audio books

How can I see The Book Of Mormon .

I would like to see The Book Of Mormon or maybe other Broadway musicals. But I don’t live near any theaters. Is there any way to see them? Like a torrent?

If someone sneaks a hand held camera into the theatre and then uploads what they record to the internet, then all that you will have to do is google search it.This happens at rock concerts all the time.Security often tries to suppress the peasants so to speak, but it never works. Video of every concert somehow or another winds up on the internet.I can type in Killers and a then add the name of a Country and watch a Killers concert from that country. Someone always tapes it.A Broadway play might be a little more difficult, but eventually someone will accomplish it, and it will be up on the internet, if not YouTube, somewhere.There is a lot of YouTube videos of theatre. You can tell who has the tripod and who doesn’t but sometimes it is fun to watch.The Book Of Mormon (the play) has NOT been out long enough for someone to sneak a camera and start video taping.So the answer, is google search it, and for the play The Book Of Mormon, you will just have to check periodically to see if someone has uploaded the bootleg video yet.Don’t worry there is always someone that gets these things taped and uploaded, no matter how much security they use to try to prevent it.

How to frizz my hair.

Tomorrow for school we need to dress up as your favourite book character. I choose to be Rue from the Hunger Games. I already have the costume to wear but I am afraid if people wont recognise me and say to me that “That doesn’t look like Rue at all”. (I haven’t ready the book but I’ve seen the…

buy a volume/texturizing hair spray if you don’t have one.first wash your hair, but don’t use conditioner, so your hair is more dry. use a shampoo that isn’t the smoothing/straightening kind.spray a bit of the hair spray on and blow dry your hair upside down. scrunch your hair to your scalp with your hand to encourage frizziness.when you are about half way done drying, spray more hairspray on. continue drying your hair upside down and scrunching.once your hair is almost fully dry turn your head right side up. take a small toothed comb and tease your hair (google it if you don’t know how). once its all done, spray with a bit more hairspray and blow dry upside down till fully dry. once finished, if you need it tease your hair you should have a big head of frizzy poofy hair.

Any good websites about how to make an app.

To make Android app, learn basics of Java programming. It’s easy to understand, platform independent and object-oriented programming language. If you know little bit of Java, it will be very easy to learn making Android apps / gamesTo start coding for Android, install these 3 applications- Android SDK –…- JDK 6 –…and any IDE like Eclipse/Android StudioLinks to tutorials… tutorials course material (click “blue button” in right sidebar) Android 4 Application Development – developing your app, submit it to Google Play store there’s $25 registration fee). After registration, the application in .apk format can be uploaded and it will go live immediately on Google Play Store

Websites to begin publishing books for little money.

I have an audience on Wattpad, ones whom are willing to purchase any books that I might publish. My school editors and teachers believe my writing has unbelievable potential (which is why I am striving to do this). Writing and editing etc is my passion (I am 17). Just wondering where or how I can start? Which…

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing ( has about 75% of the market in English-speaking countries. They’ll let you publish with a parent’s permission if you’re under 18. After that, Apple (iBooks), Barnes & Noble, Google Play and Kobo are fighting over the other 25% of the market. Or you can use a distributor like Smashwords or Draft2Digital who take care of the donkey work of uploading your book to everyone who isn’t Amazon, in return for a small cut of the revenue.All of these companies have no upfront costs – they make their money by taking a percentage of the revenue when someone buys a copy of your book. Be very wary of any company that comes up on the first few pages of a search like “how do I publish a book?” or “how do I self-publish?” Most of them are scammers, who’ll take thousands of dollars in return for nothing but empty promises and a garage full of books that you can’t sell. They show up on the first few pages because they’re the only ones who have to put a lot of time and money into advertising. (As you can probably imagine, they don’t have a lot of repeat business…)Two things to bear in mind…1. A big audience on Wattpad doesn’t necessarily translate into lots of sales. Even if people say they’ll buy your book, a lot of Wattpad readers are people younger than you, who don’t have credit cards and are accustomed to getting entertainment online for free. Given a choice between buying your book and reading one of the 50 million other stories on Wattpad, many will choose the latter.2. If this question is representative of the standard of your writing, you are… let me put this politely… not as good as your teachers say you are. Before you think about asking people to pay for a book, you either need to make a drastic improvement to your grammar, or hire an editor. People who pay for books expect much higher standards than people on Wattpad are willing to tolerate, and if you don’t meet those standards, they won’t be shy about leaving bad reviews to warn other people away.

I would love to learn how to play the Piano.

I have a keyboard and i have know idea how to play…..i just want to be able to play for fun and not like all the time. I don’t have the money for a teacher and i would love to learn how to play and i do have a music store close by but i never go that a good places to start?and any suggestions a…

Piano is pretty easy to learn once you get the hang of it.Don’t bother getting a book or anything, if you google free piano sheets and free piano lessons then a bunch of sites will come up for you. One of mu favorite music sheets sites is and http://www.pianolicious.blogspot.comIf you go the and search learn piano, i am sure someone would have uploaded a piano book onto it or something. You can just as easily make music yourself though, and i suggest just playing around with the keys for a bit to get used to the sound of the notes and such.

How to embed audio files on Google blogger.

I’m creating a book series on blogger, but I would also like to have a file embedded so readers have a choice to listen to audio instead of reading it.

Unfortunately, you can’t embed audio directly into Blogger. However, the good news is that with your Google account you have the option to create a free Google Site that allows uploading of audio files to a folder. Then, all you need is a Flash player on your Blogger site linked back to the audio file to play your book.I just finished my tutorial on how to do this just a few weeks back. The links are provided below. Hope that helps!

Dumb/simple questions about ebooks.. i need to clarify this please help.. so on google play.

there appear to be 2 main types of books, scanned (which are basically unreadable on smartphone) and then nonscanned, –either ePUB or PDF formats.. Is that correct so far?OK so I am confused about how the ePUB format relates to HOW you actually read it on smartphone.. Am I correct in saying that the only way to…

“OK so I am confused about how the ePUB format relates to HOW you actually read it on smartphone..”To read ePub books, PDF books or any other format, you need to have software on your phone, computer or reading device that supports that format. The problem that you run into is that some reading devices, such as Kindle, don’t support “competitor’s” formats. Kindle doesn’t read ePUB. It does display PDFs, but not well. The common files for Kindle are AZW, MOBI and PRC.“OK so if I am still correct so far, then what is the most common epub reader that people use for epub books ? “is ePUB the dominant format for books”While Google Play is working to become a competitor with Kindle, my experience to date has been that Kindle is the dominate reader. That means you need a .PRC version of the book and generally need to list it on Amazon. ePUB is more generic than .PRC, but not necessarily dominant. Kindle won’t read ePUB.“(i mean , is there a “default” reader that all smartphones (or lets just say android phones (i dont use/have iphone) use?, and if so, what is it?”No, not really. Most people can download a PDF reader even if they don’t read ebooks. But people who read ebooks usually have Kindle or Nook software and those require different formats.“(why is it better than PDF etc ?)”I’ll answer this one to apply to all formats that work with ereading software, not just ePUB. In general, e-readers are designed to make reading as close to book reading as possible. Readers can change font size, change display, leave bookmarks, etc. PDF is a format designed to display a computer page exactly as it would look if printed, which means it wants to preserve the page layout. This makes changing font size and other options somewhat ugly. It’s not comfortable to read something formatted for a 8X11 page on a 5inch smart phone screen.“i need them to have lots of navigation features (if that is possible in an ebook) (such as, being able to toggle between two different translations)”I believe Apples iBook Author software is supposed to do this. I’ve never used it. I’ll give you a link, but using it means you have to offer the books through the Apple Store and they run only on iPhones.“why are some books sold as an app, while others as a book? “It may just be how they’re listed in various app stores. But most ebooks are sold through publishers or big distribution points like Amazon or Barnes and Noble and are sold as books.I suggest you check out Smashwords. They work as a distribution point for many self-published authors and even a few small publishing houses. They will let you use their software to convert a book into common formats and distribute through them. Currently they don’t have an agreement with Amazon or Google Play, so you have to create separate accounts for each of those and upload using their system. But Smashwords has good information about the ebook process in general even if you don’t use them.

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  2. Just to let you knowSteven is completely right. Readers on Wattpad do not necessarily translate into readers who will buy your work. You also need to be aware that a lot of readers on Wattpad do not know the difference between good and bad writing and will gush over anything. I have seen plenty of Wattpad readers encouraging the publications of subpar pieces of work.

  3. You mean “…ones WHO are willing….”

  4. Before you do anything else, I would strongly recommend getting some serious impartial feedback., Critique Circle, and Absolutewrite are three reputable online writing groups that can really help aspiring writers see where they might be going wrong.

  5. Let me give you a simple example – you write a fantastic story – and put it up on the internet at Amazon or anywhere…and a million illegal sites around the world offer your book for free download to anyone – and you don’t see a dime – who is enforcing your copyright claims? You have a lawyer in Russia? China?

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  8. Go for itThe people who want to publish your book would do some edit your book also. They will also change your title of book.

  9. I’ve enjoyed to read always. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also enjoy TV. During the day it is usually a book.

  10. I don’t think they are done with it yet, but search around, see if there are tickets-or if they are even done with it.

  11. Amazon does this.

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  13. My wife is neither “big” or “famous” and made about $60,000 last year from her books – all 34 of them – published traditionally. You will never make as much money self-publishing as a writer as you can make by following the path towards getting a literary agent and a contract with a major publishing house..

  14. The same goes for your teachers. When I was in school, all my teachers loved my writing, too. That did not mean I was anywhere near publishable standard, and the same could apply to you.

  15. So, you’re watching The Daily Show too?

  16. But BEFORE you move forward, make sure your work is 100% the best you can make it. Fix all the plot holes, spelling errors, formatting, rough sections in the story and word choice.


  18. There publishing companies know that you summit your book too.

  19. For iOS you use xcode

  20. Never get book published by someone who charges money.

  21. Not sure, but I’d love to read some of your work! What’s your wattpad profie, I write over there as well : )

  22. It’s all laid out online, just google ‘self publishing a novel’.

  23. Reading a good e book offers a richer experience and can leave you with recollections that can last years. Television is only educational if you are observing a documentary or something similar

  24. But if you really want to make money, start a religion with your new books. That’s what Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard did.

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