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How To Organize Books Without Shelves

How to organize my 4 yr old niece’s room.

I am trying to go through her toys that she doesn’t play with. I would like some organizing tips on how to organize her room.

4 years old want to keep everything!!Go through her things and keep out 2 of everything.(2 dolls, 2 puzzles,2 stuffed animals,…..) except book, those I would probably keep out about 10. Everything else gets bagged up in categorized bags. Exchange the toys every month unless she has an extra special favorite that she just can’t live without. Be decisive when bagging thing up. If a puzzle is missing pieces, throw it out. If the animal is extremely filthy, toss it. Put the toys on shelves or in storage boxes that she can reach easily and be responsible for picking up after play time. Anything with small pieces put in small inexpensive clear plastic containers so she can see at a glance what is in it. Dollar stores often have ones that are made for storing shoes that work great for this.Try to put as many things at her level as you can. You can hang an extending rod down to her level for her daily play clothes and keep her better things on the top rod. She can then get out her own clothes and be responsible for hanging them back up. Though they may not be straight on the hanger, responsibility is a good thing to enforce by her age. Keep things simply by not having to many things on her bed that have to be rearranged daily. Make sure dirty clothes hampers are handy and peg racks hung at a low level are great for jackets or purses.Good Luck, You sound like a dream of an aunt for helping her!!!

How to organize a closet.

I live in a small condo (under 1k sq. ft). I have two bedrooms and the smaller room is my son’s room. I have my Christmas decorations in his bedroom closet and I don’t think that’s fair. His closet has stuff coming out like a hoarder (seriously! lol). I do not have an attic to put the decorations in….

Get some plastic bins, label them on outside and store over Mom’s if that’s not a problem..with kids you need all the room you can get for everyday use.Get bins for his toys, too while you’re at it…even plastic crates on their sides work well for storing books, puzzles and acts like a mini-shelf unit.A hanging plastic shoe organizer works to store craft supplies, socks, small items that can be viewed easily when it’s see-through.A regular hanger with a bunch of round shower curtain rings on it snapped closed works well for storing scarves, belts. If belt is too wide, just open a clip and put through belt buckle and snap closed again. This way they hang straight, can find fast for any outfit.Empty tubes from wrapping paper or even paper towels inserted into boots helps boots to stand straight without falling over and getting all bent and creased.An egg carton also works great for storing infant socks all balled up…looks like little eggs :D.To keep clothes on hangers without slipping off: wrap each end of a hanger with a rubber band around top & bottom part until it’s taught…then when garment is on, it’s won’t slip off the ends.Putting an old drawer under his bed to store items…shoes? playthings? is handy…then just pull out to get what’s needed. You can place a fabric piece over the drawer to keep dust out.For Xmas stuff: empty egg cartons can hold ornaments for easy packing.For your room: spray paint an old cheese grater that stands and use it to store pierced earrings with loops to put through holes.Over the door hangers (sold at Walmart and the like) are great for holding robes, backpacks, jackets…helps to keep items off the floor…..for little kids, hang up a peg rack on a wall for easy reach for them. Pregnancy books free

How should I organize my room without buying anything.

My room is super small. I have a vanity, a tall dresser, twin bed and a nightstand. My closet is small and I have a lot of clothes. And I’ve been keeping my shoes in a laundry basket because I don’t have anywhere to put them. My room is ALWAYS a mess because I have so many clothes. Give me some ideas to…

* Focus on one portion of the room at a time. If you are organizing your bedroom, start with the closet or a dresser. Sift through your clothing and shoes. Place the items you want to keep in one bag or box, the ones you wish to donate in another and any item past its prime in a bag to go to the trash.* Place any items you are unsure about in a special box or bag to hold onto for a few months. Put the box in an out-of-the-way location such as your basement or an attic. If you find you need the item with a few months’ time, hang on to it. If you never use the item in that time frame, donate or discard it.* Put any items that belong in another room in your house into a plastic bin. Wait until you’ve finished organizing at least the one section of the room to return these items to the proper location. You may get distracted once out of the room and forget to return to the project.* Assign each item that will stay in the room a home. For instance, fold your sweaters and place in a particular dresser drawer. Hang pants and button shirts in the closet. If you want to be very organized, sort your garments by color or style. Arrange books in a bookcase. Put decorative items on the top of a dresser or bookcase.* Invest in storage solutions so that each item can have a home. Wait until you’ve sorted through your stuff to buy any storage bins or shelves. If you buy storage solutions you don’t need, they end up contributing to the clutter and disorganization. If you have a lot of shoes, an over-the-door hanger may be a good solution. A small shelf for the closet may also work. Trays that fit in drawers can keep small items, such as rings and hair accessories, organized.* Label bins so that you know exactly what belongs in each one.* Maintain your room by putting things back where they belong at the end of the day. Set aside fifteen minutes before bed each evening to do a sweep of the room, collecting items that don’t belong and restoring everything to its rightful place.

how to organize my locker and bookbag.

ok well 1 i have jansport bag and it have for pockets and i keep these item in in it1. agenda it huge the school provides them.2. a folder for ALL homework3. 2 books to read when i finish in my classes4. water my locker i am final gonna put my books into my locker in 2 wks and…

You should buy locker shelves, really they do save your life, trust me. If you can’t, you could always keep some books in your bookbag while its in your locker. You could also ask the teacher if they have a place that you could put your books since you don’t have much room. Any books that you don’t use much? Bring them home. If you need to use one in class, than just borrow one. Just keep everything in its place.

How to keep my room Organized.

Im 13 years old and my room is a mess… How could I keep things in order without it looking like a boring old room? I also want my room to be comfortable… Its large. And heres a pic of half of it……tell me if the link dont work plzz!

I looked at the picture and you seem to have a lot of vertical space in your room that is not being used. You are also using a cardboard box to store things in.Either tall book cases or open shelving on the wall would help. You could put baskets or containers on these shelves to hold smaller items or even clothing like your underwear and socks. They will always look neat and tidy and are easily accessible.Try to use the space under the bed to store things that are not used often. Many storage containers are made for this purpose, they are long and very shallow and have wheels so they slide under the bed. If your bed is too close to the floor there are “bed lifters” you can buy that t go under the legs of your bed and and lift your bed up another 4″!An armoire with doors would also be useful. Once again you can put baskets or containers inside it to hold smaller items and then your folded clothing can go on the shelving inside it. If you get an unpainted one you could paint it and the dresser to match.Try to get a laundry basket and keep it in your closet so your dirty laundry has a place to go. I like the tall ones by Rubbermaid. You can just pick it up and go to the laundry room quite easily.Someone has already suggested a wall hanging shelf for the television and I agree that it would be a great solution. They have to be attached directly into a stud in the wall and come with a strap to hold the television on securely. Make sure it is not too high so you can reach the controls OR have a remote!If it is difficult to keep your bed looking neat try for a duvet instead of blankets. Just pull it up quickly in the morning and your bed is made!Some of these suggestions might require some purchases or some help with the Do It Yourself skills so I am hoping your parents will help!

How to organize on a shoestring budget without a car.

I am looking for some tips to organize my bedroom cheaply. When I say cheaply- I mean dirt cheap. There are other problems too. I can’t nail any holes into my wall, nor can I use pushpins or screws. I also do not have a car (and most of my friends/family are so busy that asking them for help transporting things…

Try using Craig’s list to buy a shelving unit or book shelf. Tell the seller you will pay a small amount for them to deliver, To hang pictures use the product advertised on television that just sticks to walls and kind of snaps off when you want to take a picture down. Ask at a hardware store for a similar way of hanging pictures. I know this is slightly dishonest but when I did apartment living I used small nails and tacks and before I moved I either spackled and re-painted or filled the tiny speck holes with white tooth paste.

How to organize my room.

I have a not so big room,we have a really small house.How can I organize my room? I share my room with 3 more people and 2 are little sisters, they are always messing up the room…Anyway Some of the things in my room is…Books,Extra school supplies,A bookshelf,Toy Shelf,Small TV,Drawer,Lamp,2 Boxes,Toy house. I…

Make part of the room yours. If it is just your bed and the space underneath the bed, that is totally fine. Organize everything that is yours, make sure to put it your part of the room. Make it clear to your siblings that your part of the room isn’t theirs, and that they can only touch the things in it with your permission. Maybe you could keep your clothes on the shelf, again asking your sibling to to not touch your belongings without permission. I did this and my part of the room is so much cleaner, and organized. Good Luck!

Book organization tips. without a shelf.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any good tips on how to organize books in my bedroom. I have so many of different sizes, I don’t have a shelf though. I don’t really want to buy one right now either, because I have other necessities that need to come first.Anyone have a unique way to organize books so…

Designers say to group them by the color. I tend to group them by subject.I had a book that suggested using cement blocks as spacers and 2 x 4’s as the shelves, for a rustic look.Cement block, board, cement block, board, cement block, board, just three blocks high. Lie the books flat and stack them on each other.

How to get organized……..

I hate cleaning and I suck at organizing. I try so had to get organized but I always fail. Please give me tips on how to get organized.

On Julie Morgenstern’s Organizing DVD, she encourages people that organizing is a learnable skill–so you can become organized even if you aren’t now. It takes training and practice for those not naturally inclined to it, but it CAN be done.Start researching organizing tips using books from your local library. You don’t have to read them cover to cover, depending on the book; just glean what will be beneficial to you.Julie Morgenstern’s “Organizing From the Inside Out” is a good book, as is the “Messies” series of books by Sandra Felton. Marla Cilley’s “Sink Reflections” is an encouraging source of cleaning inspiration. Also check out Jeff Campbell’s “Speed Cleaning.”The above authors’ websites are: you have these cable shows available, start watching Neat, Mission: Organization, How Clean Is Your House?, Clean Sweep, and Clean House. Actually seeing these examples of organizing, cleaning and decluttering principles in action helps you to “get it” and begin to apply what you’ve learned.One tool that I have found very helpful is an electronic labeler. Without this, I would tend to forget whatever system I set up, so it has really helped me a lot. Seeing the label on the container or shelf helps me to remember, “Oh yeah, THAT’S what goes there.”Another thing that is helpful to figure out is which will work better FOR YOU: clear containers so you can see the contents, or the type of containers that conceal the contents? Is it more helpful to have a photo of the item(s) on the outside of the box, or a label? Or do you not need anything to remind you of what’s in it?Keep in mind that different things work best for different people, so just do some experimenting and finds what works best for you. Clear out the clutter, organize similar items together, and put things near where they will be used.An easy way to get rid of clutter is to call a local charity to pick up your donations, or post an offer on your local Freecyle or (under “For Sale–Free”).

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33 thoughts on “How To Organize Books Without Shelves

  1. Good Luck!

  2. Second (and it is a good season to do so) – sort through and give away those items you don’t like as much or don’t wear. Perhaps the items you can’t part with could be boxed and stored elsewhere in the house.It helps to set a timer for 15 or so minutes, then take a break, re set the timer and give it another go! I usually do 3 sets of 15 minutes working, then take a 15 minute break!it give me room to put things on my dressers.2nd drawer: pajamas/bathing suits

  3. have a large storage item in your room or build it in the wall to increase the amount of space. Then you can put everything in it!!!

  4. you didn’t get in a mess in a day, and it will take more than a day to get straightened out!Like this: Its winter soo jeans sweaters, shirts that cant be folded)to give me more room, i put my tv on the wall. i bought a thing that goes on the wall and put my tv in it.

  5. Just throw everything in a box.

  6. donate her old toys then put her new toys in a bag or something

  7. Taco soup/chili – there are lots of recipes – this is the one I like: 1/2 lb lean ground beef 1 14 oz can whole corn – plus liquid 1 14 oz (petite) diced tomatoes – plus liquid 1 14 oz can black beans – plus liquid 1 14 oz can pinto beans – plus liquid 1/2 package dry taco mix – I like Lawry’s (perhaps 1 1/2 Tblsp) 1/2 package of dry Hidden Valley Dressing mix (perhaps 1 1/2 Tblsp) (I buy these seasonings in the restaurant sizes) Brown the meat in a 4 qt saucepan, breaking it up into small pieces. Add seasonings, stir. Add all canned vegetables. Bring to boil, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes. Serve with salad and hearty bread. Easily doubled (2 14 oz or 1 32 oz cans) and freezes well. Change beans to BBQ, or kidney, and corn to hominy if desired. For 32 oz cans increase meat to 1 lb, and spices to whole packets.

  8. shoes: Get a shoe rack ! i like those so my shoes wont get grimy on the floor (Or in the way!) clothing: draw close denims in closet. placed shirt/sleeves in a garments bucket. Get a coat rack to attraction to close your handbags/hats/belts/ scarves etc., college STUFF: Get a table if u havent already & Get a sprint mini cupboard droor thingymagig… LOL its to administration ur pens/pencils etcc, Get a shelf for ur books. LOCKER: Get a rack!! 🙂 manage the suitable section for ur first training of the day than placed ur relax of the training on the backside, so this type they arent squished mutually & u can actual flow to type with out being tardy!! (uggh 🙁 ) learn tips: Flash enjoying cards! or purely study it and quiz your self. alrite i coated the fundamentals, in case you desire to any extent further help message me! (: thank me later.

  9. You need to be honest, and merciless with your self. If it is something you haven’t worn in more than 2 years, or it is ripped/stained, or part of a set that is missing parts then put it in a garbage bag to donate.* If it is something you wear on a regular basis organize it by item. Shirts here, skirts here, etc and then organize them by color. Follow the same process for your shoes, if you haven’t worn them in forever or they are old and gross, get rid of them. Use the zip top bags to organize small things like hair accessories, make sure to write on the bag what it contains.I have done several rooms in my house, and I will tell you, it may be hard to organize, but keeping it up is even harder…you need to be dedicated to it. Good luck!

  10. Take for example your closet: It has too many clothes in it, too much clutter and you can’t see the floor.^ These kinds of shelves can be helpful.* anything beauty related

  11. I’m the equal means. I’ve been blessed with a satisfactory buddy who is helping me arrange. But typically I placed the whole thing in a tremendous pile at the flooring and slowly placed the whole thing in classes to place away. The Misc class is the toughest, due to the fact that it takes the longest. But it really works! Good good fortune!

  12. [/DELDUP]

  13. Third – you may have to spend a little – there are lots of pretty cheap storage solutions, especially if someone in the family is at least a little bit handy.Shoes…Do you have an extra closet in your house? Put them in there! I mean I guess its hard but just wish for shoerack or shoe closet (you could get them both at Ikea!) And your laundry bin just throw all your clothes in there! I hoped it helped! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  14. * Makeup3rd drawer: school thingsjust put them in a row, title facing you. Or you can lay then down on top of each other.

  15. First thing you need to do is gather some equipment. A box of heavy duty garbage bags, a sharpie marker, some zip top bags and a lablemaker (if you don’t have that then a roll of masking tape will work with a sharpie).

  16. Everything should have a home, when you are done using it immediately put it back. If you haven’t used it in two years toss it, or recycle it, or freecycle it!

  17. Go to an Ace Hardware or any other hardware stores and buy shelves. On one shelf, keep books, on another, keep your collection of “whatever”, and just categorize the shelves with things you use often. With the rest of the items in your room, if you don’t use them often, store them in the basement, garage, or storage room if you have one. Shelves always seem to help somewhat, and just make an effort to keep it organized! I may have more tips and links that I will edit this with.

  18. First, foremost, and free – clean up and hang up what you do have.4th drawer: shirtsgetting organized can be hard work. You need to pick one room/space and stick with it until it is done.They sell (or you could sew) shoe-holders which can hang on the back of your door.

  19. Ok make 3 piles TRASH KEEP GIVE AWAY then get with her and ask her what she wants to keep next find somewhere or someonee to give the unwanted things to

  20. And all your summer clothes in a bin:)

  21. 5th drawer: pants* Headbands/ponytail holders/clipsPut like with like, throw out any obvious trash, and sort what remains into “Keep it because I need it or love it” orOK! So in your vanity put this stuff in:I just put my favorite music on and then start picking up little bits, and sing away by the time I realize my house is cleaner

  22. Well , it’s your bedroom , so it’s a personal choice , anything you choose will be good for you

  23. Put them in drawers, in your dresser, nightstand. Line up the spines when you need to display them. I hide them on my closet shelf. I don’t have a bookcase.

  24. First throw away anything you have not used in a year. I always go through my mail by trash and immediately throw away the junk mail. Make it fun, color cordinate your clothes, put some music on. And if you just dont want to do it, call me, just have to love to do it or learn to love. Go to target or lowes they have tons of organizing items.

  25. Maybe your closet could be changed a little to allow double rods in part, letting you hang more short items.(Organize that my catorgory)

  26. “Let someone else have it, I’m through with it” or “This belongs somewhere else” piles. Then deal with the piles, clean the dust, and you are done with that spot. Move to the next spot or room!See if things that don’t belong in your room have been stored there, and could be moved elsewhere.

  27. 1st drawer dresser: socks etc.also, you should probably get storage cases from wal mart and put all the things you never use, or only sometimes use and put them under your bed. i put a lot of stuff in our extra bedroom (like my dvds and cds) because nooone ever uses that room, but thats just me.

  28. (keep that VERY neat)[DELDUP()]Closet:

  29. Edit;

  30. Organize clothes by color!

  31. I got some fun boxes for my room and put my stuff in it and out of reach for the littler ones

  32. In terms of making it comfortable, try to add things that you like to it. If you like a certain band, you could find a poster of them, and frame it to make it look neater. Making sure your bed is made nicely seems to help make a room look clean. Make sure the shelves you purchase (if you do) fit and match your room. Maybe add a comfortable chair or two to read in, or just do what you like!

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